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A.S. allocates $400 for radio documentary, postpones requests

The A.S. Finance Committee settled five items on their agenda and discussed two requests at a special meeting on Monday. They will meet again on an undetermined date in June to discuss postponed requests.

The first appeal during the meeting was from journalism graduate Joselyn Arroyo’s request for $295. She was allocated $400 for her thesis project, a radio documentary to educate others about the struggles of undocumented youth.

“It is a two-hour piece that shows student struggles with higher education. It will also be presented at a national convention and make students aware,” said Arroyo.

Byron Baba, a committee member and a long-standing A.S. senator, recognized the need to increase funding to supplement financial costs of distribution to reach schools in L.A. County. The committee voted 5-0 to fulfill the request.

The CSUN Waterski and Wakeboard Club requested a $2,000 transfer from the tournament fund to the equipment fund.

“We are going to purchase a trampoline for members to progress, practice and get better, and try to practice at least once or twice a week,” said Eric Whitney, president of the club. “We have limited time on the water and would like to start practicing regularly.”

Whitney described that it is crucial to have a trampoline, as it is an essential tool for practice.

The second action item on the special meeting agenda was the funding request for $9,000 for United States Student Association Membership dues. The organization is supplemental to the California State Students Association and would represent CSUN at the national level.

Dina Cervantes, director of legislative affairs, expressed the perks of being recognized as a member. The society promotes grassroots power and is a student-led organization helping develop future leaders.

“Depending on which state hosts the event, the association will have approximately three to four trips a year. As a non-member, we are ineligible to vote,” said Cervantes.

Cervantes said they would be able to send delegates to workshops to represent CSUN if they are recognized as a member. The committee decided to postpone the request indefinitely.

The committee voted 3 in favor and 2 abstained to postpone the request for $3,400 for the Interpreting Program’s Betty Colonomos Workshop.

“This is more of an opportunity for non-working interpreters to get hands-on experience that is required. Betty Colonomos is number one or two of the most esteemed interpreters. It would be astronomical for her to be here,” said committee member Jim Palmer.

Kim Johnson, representative for the group, said the workshop would be a great opportunity for student interpreters.

“CSUN has the second largest deaf population in the U.S.,” said Johnson.

The Interpreting Program is a big influence on campus and serves the deaf population both in and outside of CSUN.

Chris Mergerson, from the Department of Political Science, requested $6,200 for the Washington D.C. Internship Program.

“Three of us were accepted to the program. We are people of very limited means. We were told financial aid might not cover this program,” said Mergerson.

The committee decided this function should be directed to the ARRA fund because of the nature of the program. It falls under the category of National Student Exchange, which unallocated reserves is unable to fund.

“No one is against approving it, the matter is we simply can’t,” said Andrew Collard. The committee voted 4-1 abstained to postpone indefinitely.

The central office in charge of the A.S. Awards Banquet did not have a director for the event during the middle of the 2007-08 academic year. Crandall proposed a transfer request on behalf of the administration.

“This is not a request for new money. It is just a transfer and change of purpose,” said Crandall.

The money will be transferred from Contracted Services in Administrative to Program Costs in the Senate Office. The committee voted 4-1 to oppose to carryout this request.

The annual budget has $1,500 for the banquet that is usually funded at $6,000 to $8,000.

“The work of an effective student government happens in the summer, one solid day of training in June,” said A.S. General Manager David Crandall.

Crandall proposed the June 2008 Leadership Orientation Retreat for the Senate Office Management during the meeting. Crandall spoke on the behalf of the organization.

The committee decided that the discussions of these requests that were postponed should be addressed to the newly appointed committee this summer.

“The members of the committee next year might be able to benefit themselves better than we can rather than making decisions for them,” said Baba.

The two items are to be addressed at the next meeting, though there is not a definite date.

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