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Chic and cheap tips for summer style

Temperatures are rising and the spring semester is coming to an end, which indicates it is time to revamp our wardrobes with the fashion staples and trends of summer.

This summer’s fashions offer a wealth of versatility in everything from dresses to shoes. No need to worry that staying in pace with fashion will put a dent in the wallets of an already unease economic climate, relying on fashion staples that are affordable and practical in the summer months is the best way to be chic and cheap.

Tanks tops, which can be worn as a focal piece with jeans or used for layering is a classic example of a inexpensive southern California clothing staple. These cotton tops are no- fuss garments that flatter and highlight a multitude of female figures.

Make use of these affordable and readily available tank tops by glamorizing it with jewelry or keeping it fun and casual when paired with denim or a skirt. Whatever the style concept may be, the tank top is a signature garment of summer than can be taken from the hot daytime into the cooler nighttime with the help of a little fashion imagination.

Another summer staple is shorts. Shorts are like a blank fashion canvas that can be styled into an assortment of ways. They also provide relief in the summer heat while accentuating those legs that have been hibernating in pants.

Shorts come in a plethora of material that range from basic cotton to traditional denim shorts. This year’s summer shorts offerings include refined linen that can be worn with an evening outfit.

Sandals have come to personify southern Californian living, we often wear sandals all year long and because of this practice we have come to view the sandal as a boring summer necessity. But this summer, the sandal has been given new life with a variety of styles.

Look in any fashion magazine: Gladiator style sandals are the dominant summer fashion trend. These sandals, which are flat and tie or buckle low around the ankle, are a great investment for its durable leather material that can be worn with anything from shorts to dresses effortlessly.

Equipped with summer staples that most likely were derived from your own personal collection for free rather than a store, you can indulge in the whims of fashion and purchase of couple of summer trends.

This summer offers an eclectic mix of trends that range from bohemian-inspired styles to retro prints.

One of the biggest summer trends is the use of color in anything pertaining to clothing. Summer fashion is infused with bright hues and bold neon colors that serve as accent pieces.

An example of this is a electric blue skirt paired with a solid white tank top. Bright colors allow for an individual to draw attention to areas they feel most comfortable with and in this case of the example, electric blue draws attention to legs.

Bohemian, or better known as boho, has been a fashion style that has captured the closets of many women.

Ethnic prints and paisley found on maxi dresses, which flow loosely to the ground and is a garment that can be daring, can also lead to fashion disaster when paired with two many boho elements such as big bags and ornate jewelry all worn together. To prevent a boho overload, focus on wearing one boho-inspired garment at a time. For example, try a tunic with shorts, a printed maxi dress with little jewelry or a paisley dress with flats.

Despite the high temperatures of summer, denim jeans continue to be a staple that has been reworked to include some trend elements. Banish the dark denim jeans and skinny jeans and look for their polar opposites. Light colored jeans and wide-leg denim styles from spring are still relevant purchases for summer while providing a refreshing and lighter take on denim.

Summer is about fun and care-free living. Allow your fashion imagination to run free, but not at the price of your wallet and pragmatic elements that follow summer like excessive heat.


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