A.S. votes to support DREAM Act resolutions

Mercedes Aguilar

The Associated Students Senate approved two DREAM Act resolutions, with 13 votes in favor, two oppositions and one abstention.

Bills AB 2083 and SB 1301 “would allow eligibility to institutional financial aid to students that are California state residents that qualify for AB 540 status,” as stated in the bills.

Sen. Vianney Moran, who introduced the two resolutions in the meeting, said both bills were the same except that SB 1301 is in the state senate and AB 2083 is in the state assembly.

Any students who qualify as AB 540, undocumented or out-of-state, are able to pay college in-state tuition, if they have attended a high school for at least three years and graduated or obtained a GED in California.

“Support the DREAM Act,” said Giovanni Batz, a political science major. “Immigrants are humans too, the debate is so controversial, but please don’t forget your humanity, that’s all I ask.”

Joselyn Arroyo, another student supporting the resolution, is preparing a radio-documentary about the struggles of AB 540 students.

“I am here in support of the California DREAM Act,” Arroyo said, “13,165 undocumented students that are graduating each year can’t continue their college education and a big reason is because they do not have financial support.”

After the approval of the resolution by A.S., it will be signed by school officials and will be sent to the governor as official support from CSUN.