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Fun ‘Young@Heart’ proves you’re as young as you feel

For those who dread upcoming birthdays because they think its another year closer to the end of their lives, or those who freak out at the sight of a new wrinkle because they think their face resembles a prune, “Young @Heart” serves as a friendly reminder that just because the body gets old, it doesn’t mean the soul has to too.

“Young @ Heart,” follows a chorus of senior citizens, who average the age of 80, from Northampton, Massachusetts as they prepare their new lineup of songs for their upcoming European tour. Classic songs like The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” Talking Head’s “Life During Wartime,” James Brown’s, “I Feel Good,” and “Schizophrenia,” by Sonic Youth.

Led by music director Bob Climan, who is tough and referred to as the type who eats nails and spits rust, the chorus is composed of characters with such different and enchanting personalities.

Some of the most notable members are Eileen, the oldest member at 92-years-old with a British accent and a coquettish demeanor. Joe, with his thick glasses who survived six rounds of chemotherapy and can memorize an entire song in one afternoon. Bob, an ex World War II pilot who is the only member who can drive and takes advantage of it with teenage recklessness. And Fred, the most charming of them all who offers comic relief, despite being permanently attached to an oxygen machine after surviving a heart attack.

The rehearsals are entertaining as members of the chorus struggle with the lyrics. Many get tongue tied and others can’t seem to find the rhythm. The chorus struggled mainly with Allen Toussaint’s “Yes We Can Can,” that sounds more like an extended tongue twister than an actual song, with an average of 71 “cans” in the lyrics.

Audiences will be sucked into the music. Those who know the lyrics will be silently signing along.

While most of the film is feel-good and heart warming, there are moments where a knot swells up in your throat. Two chorus members died during the filming. Despite the shocking news, all the members agreed that the show must go on.

The deceased members are honored in a heart-wrenching solo of Coldplay’s “Fix You,” sung by Fred. This is by far the best performance in the entire film. It is the most heartfelt and will have audiences dabbing at their eyes with a tissue.

“Young @ Heart” provides performances that will have feet tapping and heads bopping. It is not who can hit those crazy high notes or about making money, but about the music and the joy that comes from entertaining. People will wonder when the chorus will hit a town near them.

It is easy to forget the age of the people on screen. Their love and zest for life is so intoxicating. They don’t let their age or their health conditions get in the way of doing what they love to do.

The passion they have for performing is inspirational. It shows people that through enough drive anything is attainable.

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