‘Prom Night’ lacks convincing acting, falls into typical plot

Betsy Garcia

The most anticipated high school event is prom -the night many social dreams are expected to be fulfilled with friends you have made throughout high school. Prom is also every high school student’s final realization that high school is over and that things will never be the same again.

“Prom Night” starring Brittany Snow and directed by Nelson McCormick is a remake of the 1980s Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen horror/ thriller movie. Three years pass after a psycho professor falls in love and becomes obsessed with one of his students. He kills all of her family, and then he escapes retention, coming back with a decision to get rid of anyone who will come in between him and his true love. Unfortunately, he comes back on the most important night; making those teens fight to survive their prom.

The acting in this movie is lacking. There were only a few actors who proved a dedication to their craft. For example, the psycho killer played by Johnathon Schaech managed to play with your mind while being in character. He made you feel some sort of disgust towards him for killing these teenagers on a special night of their lives, but then he also manages to make you feel sorry for him.

In a way you feel sympathy for him, because you understand that he has sincerely fallen in love with the wrong person.

Unfortunately, the person who should be the best actor in the movie is the lead actor, and Brittany Snow disappointed. Snow plays the sweet damsel in distress and innocent victim, and though she has the look to play the part, she failed to convince.

Many of the actors are unknown. The rest of the cast included Scott Porter, Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie, Kelly Blatz and James Ransone.

McCormick, who has a record of working in such thrillers and mind-twisting shows as “Prison Break” and “Nip Tuck,” has won many awards. Unfortunately, the movie as a whole could not compare at all to any of those shows, which are immensely better in every way.

This is a movie for adolescents – it is rated PG-13 for violence and profanity, but is not a scary, gruesome thriller. There are no sex scenes like the usual sex scenes included in a “high school” movie, and the death scenes are not bloody, as the actual death scene is omitted.

You know the person has been killed after seeing them on the floor with a few blood stains in their body that are supposed to be knife wounds.

This movie might not be an award moving movie but if you have nothing else to do, have extra money to spare and just want to have a little fun with some friends by making sarcastic comments, then this movie will be alright with you for the whole 88 minutes it lasts.