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Should young adults have sex before becoming married?

Sex can be mind blowing, the ultimate form of stress relief and the best way to show your significant other how much you love them.

When two people are getting to know each other, they usually like to know early on where the other lies on the matter of pre-marital sex. If one person in the relationship doesn’t believe in sex before marriage?then you know what won’t happen.

There are certain cultures and religions that do not condone the act of sex unless in the realm of marriage. Many young adults in society have been brought up in a culture where sex was an act meant for marriage. They have grown up with this way of thinking, until the hormones start kicking in and they are exposed to sexual messages left and right.

Coming from a very religious background where I was taught to wait until marriage, my own stance on the issue changed when I began learning the other side of the issue. I learned that sex before marriage is not always an impure act. In fact, it can be very pure.

In the past few years this subject has become the main topic of conversation with family, friends, classmates and colleagues. I have clashed with my own mother and simultaneously related with my best friend on this issue. When do you let go of the traditional ways of your culture, but still find a way to adapt what you have learned to your new ideas?

In the current times we live in, almost every aspect of life is fast paced and waiting is not an option. When we want something we want it now, not five minutes from now. This idea relates on a certain level to pre-marital sex. When two adults are in a committed, caring and healthy relationship there is no reason to prolong the act of sex. If the people involved care deeply about each other and are consenting to the act, both in mind and soul, then there is nothing wrong or impure about it.

In fact, given the society we live in, if two people are committed to one another and they prolong having sex, then it could become detrimental to the relationship. If a person cares very deeply about the one they are involved with, then it is only human nature that they would want to express those feelings physically. There is no impure nature in that idea.

If in a relationship one person wants to wait until there is a more serious commitment, such as marriage, then that could have an extremely harmful effect on the dynamic of the relationship.

The two people involved will not be able to completely express how they feel about each other, and it can drive a wedge between the two. The wedge can go even deeper and compel the other to seek physical satisfaction with someone else.

As wonderful as sex may be when you’re in a relationship, some people could say they can wait until the vows have been exchanged. Many religions do not condone pre-marital sex, and thus there are people who abide by this rule.

Relationships are complicated enough as it is. When you add sex to the equation you’re adding more chaos. To help avoid the chaos, people are brought up to believe it is best to reserve having sex until they are married.

If you are in a sexual relationship, suddenly you have to be more conscious about your partner’s wants and needs and your ability to fulfill them. It’s complicated enough to deal with the everyday trials of a relationship without having to deal with the complexities of a sex life.

But what fun is there in simplicity?

Even though it would be easier on certain levels to wait until marriage to have sex, there wouldn’t be any excitement and passion in the relationship. When you care for someone as deeply as you say you do, it is a natural instinct to want to show him or her those feelings.

If you care about the person you are with, then wanting to express those feelings should come easily to the two of you.

Sex doesn’t have to be as complicated as parents, textbooks, media and people make it out to seem. It doesn’t have to add chaos to your life, and it doesn’t have to be a forbidden act of love if you’re not married yet.

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