Alternative classes offered at CSUN

Savannah Dawkins

Did you know you could go water skiing and wakeboarding for course credit? What about sailing or planning recreational events?

Well all three are listed under Leisure Studies and Recreation – LSRC 265, 267/L and 202/L respectively – and a student looking to pick up a few extra units can take any of them without any prerequisites.

The kinesiology department also offers a plethora of classes for students wishing to remain physically active including sports, martial arts and dance classes. Some interesting selections include springboard diving (KIN 176A), lifeguarding (KIN 260/L) and coaching (KIN 350/L-359/L).

The history department offers classes on war in history and film (HIST 345), history of sexual behavior (HIST 351) and youth culture in the 20th century in the U.S. (HIST 476).

If earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and floods intrigue you, take GEOL 130, geological hazards, for GE credit.

Although most people will tell you geography classes are boring, in addition to the standard classes they offer they also have classes on important issues like air pollution (GEOG 415) and global warming (GEOG 416).

Those students hoping to marry and have children can take classes which will help them, including marriage and family relations (FCS 340), maternal, infant and child nutrition (FCS 309) and parental development (FCS 436).

Those who have problems budgeting their money may want to take personal finance (FIN 302) and learn how to allocate personal resources.

If you’re interested in books that get turned into movies you can take literature and film (ENGL 312). The English department also offers courses on popular culture (ENGL 313), gay and lesbian writers (ENGL 368 and 369) and eroticism in literature (ENGL 372).

Film buffs can watch movies in film as literature (CTVA 309), learn about international cinema (CTVA 415A-Z) or take analysis of classic film makers (CTVA 412).

Those in need of a GE can take music in film (MUS 108) or an upper-division GE, understanding world cultures through music (MUS 310).

Communication studies offers classes on communication and the sexes (COMS 360) and freedom of speech (COMS 428).

If you’re interested in psychology you can study behavior disorders (PSY 310), psychological aspects of parenthood (PSY 312), motivation (PSY 352) or the psychology of stress (PSY 380).

If sociology is more your style, take social crises of today (SOC 200), race relations (SOC 390), women and crime (SOC 418) or diversity and crime (SOC 438).

Some cool cultural classes include guitar music of the southwest and Mexico (CHS 214), language of the barrio (CHS 482), Asian American pop culture (AAS 430), biracial and multiracial identity (AAS 355), a class exploring John Coltrane’s music (PAS 333) and bilingualism in the African-American community (PAS 395).

There are also classes on equity and diversity in school (AAS, ARMN, CHS, ELPS or PAS 417), ethnic politics (POLS 197), ethnicity in the United States (ANTH 345) and immigration and ethnicity (ANTH 360).

You can learn about issues such as abortion, euthanasia and war in today’s moral issues (PHIL 165) or talk about moral issues related to sexual conduct in sexual ethics (PHIL 303).

More interesting classes include robotics: fundamentals and applications (COMP 411/L), puppetry (ART 487), the supernatural in the modern world (ANTH 424) and women and the law (BLAW 391).

Other options include the fashion industry (FCS 255), sex, lies and the media (WS 410), survey of the entertainment industry (BUS 286) and human pregnancy and embryology (BIOL 241).

So, when you are registering for classes for fall semester consider a less traditional class to fulfill your GE. Please make sure to check that the class will fulfill a requirement.