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‘SATC’ fans party on roof of Sierra Hall

A student planning committee used student fee dollars to kick off the summer with a whole lot of Sex and the City on the rooftop of Sierra Hall on May 30.

A select number of guests drank virgin Cosmos from pink plastic martini glasses as Frank Sinatra music played in the background at the “mocktail” event.

Reminiscent of a New York City skyline, speckles of confetti glimmered on the ground and onto pink and black-clothed tables, sans chairs. Finely dressed guests received large cocktail rings to wear from people wearing green All Access passes.

The party allowed guests a chance to mingle while partaking in appetizers and chocolate-dipped strawberries or marshmallows, and all had a chance to win official Sex and the City prizes before boarding one of two charter buses for a semi-private screening of the highly anticipated movie at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas.

Jessica Comingore was one of the guests who won the prized “SATC” movie hardcover book after finishing the quote out loud, “Good on paper, bad in bed.”

Magdalena Cruz, a senior art major who wore a white dress to the “mocktail” event, cut above the knees, said, “It was the mocktails (that made it a modern party)!”

Her friend, Audrey Younna, the director of the planning committee that made it all happen, invited Comingore to the event.

Younna is a fan of the TV show. As director of the planning committee in question, Younna pitched the idea for their first summer event.

“I was told to not be afraid to do a film event, so when I talked with Leanne (Vincent, the planning committee’s advisor), and told her how much fun it would be to do a movie screening, she was all for it ? she too was a fan of the show,” Younna said.

Kishara Salgado, assistant executive director for the planning committee, helped Younna organize the event. They reasoned that Sierra Hall’s rooftop would be a great location for a “New York” feel. Younna and Salgado also decided that if guests dressed up for the event, the synergy would come together.

“I always loved going to the ArcLight and found it more fancy than say, Pacific Theaters,” Younna said. “Perfect for the occasion.”

Students and their guest were dropped off on the Sunset Boulevard entrance prior to 10 p.m. With tickets in hand, a line of well-dressed people stretched the walkway as the sound of heels clicked on the wet pavement. After making their way inside, the “SATC” fans were encouraged to sit in designated rows and wait for the 10:20 p.m. showing.

A gentleman dressed in a polo shirt and black pants welcomed the crowd to the screening, thanking everyone for showing up and to enjoy the show. An excited audience later replied to a shout-out to CSUN.

The lights dimmed and the screen lit up with 13 minutes worth of previews. But when the “SATC” music filled the chilly theater, loyal fans cheered.

“The movie was done it a way that if you had never seen it, you would still be able to follow along and find a life lesson,” Salgado said.

A brief introduction kicked off the “SATC” movie, updating fans on what Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha have been up to since the show ended four years ago on HBO.

As far as die-hard fans are concerned, people in attendance agreed that the movie, which generated about $56 million during its opening weekend, did justice to the overall premise of the TV show. A sequel is rumored to be in the works.

A.S. SPACE organized the event in collaboration with the Union Program Council (UPC).

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