Weezer tests new waters, remains with what works in new album

Susannah Reynolds

Weezer’s new self-titled album, which was released last Tuesday, is a mix of rock, slow melodies, or a mixture of the two.

The song, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived,” showcases a variety of styles, a bit like hip-hop at first, with sirens blaring in the background and later transitions to a guitar and drum beat, then to a slow melody, and finally to a marching band sound with just drums playing.

Rivers Cuomo sings a chorus, “I am the greatest man that ever lived. I was born to give.” The lyrics are of an ode to why he is in a band and performs. He goes on to say he “was born to shine,” as though his career as a musician was something he was always meant to do in life. The title of the song may make Cuomo come off as conceited, but the way the song and lyrics come off is the opposite. It is as if Cuomo is reminding himself why he is in a band and making music.?

“Heart Song” is Cuomo’s love song about the music that inspired him throughout the years. The lyrics are: “These are the songs. They are my heart songs. They never feel wrong.” Cuomo lists singers such as Cat Stevens, Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pat Benatar and Michael Jackson as having inspired him at?some point.?

Anyone who enjoys music can relate to this sentiment. Favorite singers, even if they are embarrassing, give people’s hearts a bit of a tug with memories or a good feeling when their music plays.

The song “Pork and Beans” is playing on the radio and it is a bit of a jab at modern society’s obsession with looking good and wanting to fit in, particularly people over the age of 30. The lyrics are: “You’d hate for the kids to think you lost your cool.” He refers to aging people who try to maintain a youthful appearance to show they have not lost their cool. Cuomo said in the song that he is not going to change his appearance to make others think he is still cool, as he is happy with himself.

This CD also has songs written by drummer Pat Wilson “Automatic” and a song, “Thought I Knew,” which guitarist Brian Bell wrote and sung for the album.?The songs do not disappoint, even though Cuomo did not write them. They still fit in with the music style fans have come to expect from Weezer.

This is their third self-titled album and soon to be known as “the red album” because of the color surrounding the compact disc. It is?worth a listen to anyone who is a Weezer fan or likes rock-pop music.?

Weezer kept to what they know and slowly expanded their musical style on this new CD. The album is a progression from their last album “Make Believe,” so Weezer fans do not have to worry about a complete change in music style.