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North Hills couple first to wed after beating marriage ban

Two North Hills women made history in front of a courthouse last week when they commemorated their love for each other. State law gave its blessing.

The Beverly Hills courthouse issued Robin Tyler, 66, and Diane Olson, 55, who challenged the state’s ban on same-sex marriage and won, a marriage license on June 16.

People cheered as the two walked out of the courthouse along with high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred. All were dressed in cream-colored suits. Rabbi Eger officiated the wedding under a white chuppah (canopy).

“By this ring, you are consecrated to me,” Olson and Tyler repeated to each other as they exchanged wedding rings.

Eger said, “I now pronounce you spouses for life,” and the crowd cheered to congratulate the first same-sex couple married in Los Angeles County since the California Supreme Court struck down a previous ban on such nuptials a month ago.

Tyler and Olson broke glass together with their feet, which in a Jewish wedding signifies the end of the ceremony.

“My name is Robin Tyler and I’d like to introduce you to my wife,” Tyler said.

Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Brucker, said, “We share his wonderful moment in our country and state. We want to thank you for leading the way for couples in the future.”

Debra Miller, a wedding guest who knows the couple from the West Hollywood-based Kol Ami synagogue, said, “I think they are very brave and pioneers.”

“I’m very proud of them,” Miller said. “I’m quite certain, come November, with the help of the intelligent youth of America, we will defeat the anti-gay marriage amendment.”

Miller is referring to an initiative that was recently put on the November 4 ballot. If passed, it would amend California’s state constitution to recognize marriage as between a man and a woman.

“They will still be legally married, but they are going to have to fight it,” Allred said. “We believe their marriage will continue to be valued, so no matter what will happen in November ? it will not be retroactive to this marriage.”

Protestors showed up at the wedding to let the people in attendance know that marriage is sacrosanct.

“There needs to be people to stand up and oppose sin, and a lot of people in L.A. don’t do that,” Don Stewart, a Riverside resident, said. “We need people to know the truth. God said he created Adam and Eve.”

“When you deviate from God, then you’re sinning,” Stewart said. “It’s going to ruin the country.”

Rod Warner of Orange County, who was also attendance, said, “It’s just bringing more devastation on America.”

He linked Northridge’s pornography industry to the 1994 earthquake. The people of New Orleans worshipped the Roman god of wine Bacchus, and that is why Katrina happened, Warner said.

“I just ignore them. They’re wrong,” Debra Miller said. “I’m hoping they (the protestors) feel embarrassed and shamed for putting this on.”

Aimee Grove, a student at Whittier College who was at the wedding to represent 93.1 JACK FM, said, “We’re very much in support of them.”

“We came out here to show that JACK FM supports (the couple),” Grove said. “I’m totally in favor. It’s not affecting anyone else.”

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