A Labor of Love

Salena Barcenas

Recent CSUN art graduates Wenceslao Quiroz, Raudel De La Riva, and Donald Day are putting the finishing touches on a mural they have been working on since last year. The portable mural is comprised of nine pieces and is attached to the west side of the annex, which is a few feet behind the Chicano House on North Univeristy Drive. The artists designed the mural to be historically accurate depicting the struggles Chicanos have faced over time.

The mural works from right to left and moves from the south starting in South Mexico, Central America and moves north ending in present day downtown Los Angeles. The mural features the Aztec calendar at the top center. The mural is divided into sections, and each section has a prodominent color and tells its own story. The calendar is also divided by time and coresponds with each section.

The mural creates a beautiful backdrop to the pavers that were added to the Chicano House in May and creates a patio-like setting for events that the department and M.E.Ch.A. holds at the house.