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America makes need for change loud and clear

On Monday’s episode of ‘The Situation Room’ on CNN, Jack Cafferty posed a question that truly grabbed my attention: How are you going to deal with election-withdrawal?
Cafferty said that today we would all be suffering from it because the party will be over.

For about a year now all anybody has been talking about is the 2008 presidential election and the historical elements attached to it. Also just as important, people in America were talking about the needed change this country has been anticipating in Washington and just how influential the election really was.

Cafferty then went on to stress to his viewers that they shouldn’t worry about not having something to talk about since they’ll have four years to talk about the new president. As he said on his blog, ‘For whoever leads us, it’s just beginning, and my guess is we will all be called upon at some point to be part of the solution.’

The last chapter is thankfully going to be over in January and the latest one, with all its future problems or successes, is about to begin.

With electoral results still not completely reported, it is safe to say with the projections I read on my television screen that Sen. Barack Obama will be the newest resident of the Oval Office in the White House.

For many people in this country Obama’s win comes as a personal victory. Here we have a half-black, 47-year-old man on his way to the White House with no one to thank but himself. His story defines that of the true American story, coming from nothing and achieving to something.

For as long as this country has been in existence, all I have read and seen are older white men in the position of president. As a person of minority, seeing Obama attain this success finally registers in me the ideology that anyone can make it in this country.

As the words ‘Barack Obama Elected President’ scrolled across the screen I believed more and more that America was tired of being dragged down by an administration that did not have its best interest at heart. America wanted change and it went out there yesterday morning and made change happen.

If last night’s results didn’t turn out the way they did, I myself could imagine which direction this country would go if Obama was not elected as president.

If Sen. John McCain was to be elected our new president the only image I can see for our country’s four-year future is a third Bush administration.

My statement is not made because he wasn’t the candidate I voted for, or because I doubt his judgment considering his choice for vice president. It is made because McCain has continuously voted on the side of current President Bush.

This may sound redundant, but this country can truly use some change. I know Republicans say McCain is a true leader because he has fought for this country in more ways than one, but Obama has fought his whole life to get to where he is today.

For over a year now Obama has been preaching to his fellow Americans how he is the change this country needs to pull itself out of the trenches. As the numerous celebrations were shown on the screen in honor of Obama’s win, it is evident his words reached the people of this country.

With the dawn of a different presidential administration on the horizon and the election behind us, it’s time to spend the next four years putting our efforts on our newly elected agent for change. As a country, we should all come together and help be factors in the evolution of change in this country.

As Cafferty said on CNN, just because the election is over, doesn’t mean we’re not going to have something to talk about. As a country that once prided itself on segregation and inequality, we have an African-American man as our president. This factor alone is worth celebrating.

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