Letter to the editor


I am a freshman sociology major here at CSUN. I’m writing in response to an article that I read in the Sundial a few days ago, the day after the historical election. I was extremely upset after reading this because I feel that through this article all CSUN voters are being cast as one. In this article Andrew Fingerett addresses how after interviewing some CSUN students he found that many of them had no idea as to why they voted for President-Elect Barack Obama. He makes it seem as though voting was being treated as a popularity contest, when in fact it was the total opposite.

I will not deny that there are some people out there who used word of month as a means of becoming aware of the election. They may have listened to others only when making themselves aware of important issues, but that is as far as it goes. This article is suggesting that we as CSUN students are ignorant and are incapable of making decisions on our own. It down plays our student body and I consider this to be very insulting.

The five people or so interviewed cannot represent CSUN voters as a whole. We all cannot be placed in one category because there are some of us out there who made judgments based on our own views and opinion and not based on what or who had the most popular vote. We should be celebrating the fact that it was estimated that nearly 30 million young voters came out to participate in the election this year and not be making assumptions and down playing others. I feel that Andrew should not have been allowed to make these types of assumption and that a retraction or apology would be nice.

Thank you for your time,
Maya Barnes
sociology major