Editorial: New semester, old problems


Illustration by Sarah Hofstedt.

Marja Ziemer

As we return to the grind of the new semester, and make new resolutions for 2019, let’s not forget nor ignore the impact that the shooting threat left on our community and campus. To repeat the sentiment that has been expressed by students on campus in the past: Our lives are no joke. Threats like these, sick hoax or not, cross the line the minute they are made.

It is not okay to poke at traumatic wounds of a community like ours, with many still grieving over the senseless loss of life in mass shootings such as Borderline. Some facts of life are just not funny, and never will be.

It’s no easy task coming back to a campus that was turned upside down at the end of 2018. But maybe it shouldn’t. We need to remember and not brush aside the fact that faculty, students and staff experienced the detriment firsthand. The adjustments that were made, largely by professors, during finals week still proved that the threat caused damage to our education and institute.

So though we must move forward into a new year, let’s continue to demand that we have the right to an education and to life itself.

This editorial is a reflection of the opinions of The Sundial editorial board.