Students play role in Envision 2035 planning by snapping photos

Robert McDonald

The Envision 2035 Master Planning Committee has sent out 49 camera-bearing students to take pictures of the campus in order to find out what students like and what they think needs to be changed about the campus?s physical appearance.

?We wanted to give students an opportunity to influence the physical look of the campus,? said William Watkins, assistant vice president for Student Affairs and a member of the Master Planning Committee. ?(This is) an opportunity to look at the physical environment and look at our (project?s) needs. We will look for major themes.?

Envision 2035 is an effort by the university to come up with a new campus master plan that will accommodate future growth.

The committee?s suggestions will have no binding effect on campus construction, but will represent a broad road map for the future.

The last master planning committee met six years ago.

Watkins handed out cameras to student leaders and representatives from a number of student organizations, including the Associated Students, orientation leaders, Greek organizations, university ambassadors, graduate students, disabled students, athletes, first-time freshmen and community service assistants (campus escorts).

These leaders then handed out the cameras to individual students.

Questionnaires were given to students, along with the cameras, so that students could explain why they were taking a picture of a particular part of campus.

?I received three cameras, and I gave them to three students who were orientation leaders,? said Christopher Aston, activity assistant for Student Development.

?I based the selection on accessibility, diversity, and, last of all, if they were willing to actually do it.?

The questionnaire asks the students what they like and dislike about the campus, if there is a need for additional service areas, and whether the campus needs more open spaceピアノ買取.

It also asks the students what they would change about the campus.

Students are also asked if they feel safe on campus.

Timothy Belfield, president of A. S. and a member of the committee, had one of the cameras and used it to take pictures of the places he thinks need to be improved on campus.

?I took pictures from the rooftops all over the campus,? Belfield said.

?I noticed there are large areas not being used,? he said. ?There is space for solar panels on rooftops. If we have them in the parking lot(s), why not have them on the rooftops and save money on power bills??

Amanda Steinhaus, A. S. director of personnel, also received a camera.

?I took pictures of places that I like and dislike,? Steinhaus said. ?I like the botanical gardens and the planetarium. I took pictures of the studio theatre. It has no disability access.?

?It?s a good idea,? said Barbara Hahn, criminology major. ?They might know what we, the students, might need on campus. Parking is an issue, obviously.?