Marquez will be no match for the undefeated Mayweather

Michael Johnson

Boxers Juan Manuel Marquez, right, of Mexico, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. face off during a news conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Saturday, May 2, 2009. Mayweather formally announced his return to boxing Saturday, less than a year after he retired and said he was through with the sport. The two will fight on July 18 in a fight with a 143-pound limit. Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong / AP Photo
Boxers Juan Manuel Marquez, right, of Mexico, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. face off during a news conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong/ AP Photo

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is back to shut down another opponent. He will fight Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas this Saturday.

It has been close to two years since Mayweather has boxed and people are wondering if he’s still got it. The answer is yes. Let’s remember when Muhammad Ali was out of the ring for three years and came back to beat some tough fighters. Mayweather is no Ali, but he is one of the best fighters of our generation.

His record is flawless. Mayweather is 39-0 (25 KOs). He has held six different world championship belts in five different weight classes. Why is he successful? The man is a surgeon, using his defensive skills and lighting-quick punches to take people out. Juan Manuel Marquez will be the next to feel the wrath of Mayweather.

Marquez is a good fighter and his heart is like is lion. He fought the great Manny Pacquiao twice and went the distance in both fights. The first fight he suffered a broken nose and actually came back to earn a draw. When they fought again, he lost by a one-point split decision.  Anybody that can go toe-to-toe with Pacquiao is respectable. However, that does not mean Marquez is going to beat Mayweather.

Three things will decide this fight: The fighters’ personalities, fighting styles and ages. Mayweather is one of the cockiest athletes, but he is also one of the most mentally-prepared individuals to ever step into the ring. He trains three days a week, but his workouts are so grueling it seems like a six-day routine. However, Marquez has to train six days a week because he needs all the help he can get!  The guy also drank urine to prepare for this fight, so that shows there is something wrong with his mental preparation.

Marquez’s bull-rush fighting style fits right into the hands of Mayweather. Marquez will probably try to attack — and Mayweather, with his impenetrable defense, will just pick him apart.  Let’s be honest: Marquez is now 35-years -old and is facing a man who is three years younger. A three-year difference in boxing is huge, and if he comes into the match with any sign of age, it will be over quickly. However, I predict Marquez will be around for six rounds and eventually will get knocked out.

Bottom line, this fight is a tune-up fight for Mayweather. People want to see Mayweather and Pacquiao, which would have hype like the Ali and Joe Frazier fight had decades ago. Marquez is just a small pawn on a chessboard.