Whether women should or should not approach men

Daily Sundial

She said

The scenario seems all too familiar. A slimy, middle-aged man approaches. As he begins to hit on you, his elderly mother joins him. He then asks her for money.

When you thought this would be embarrassment enough for him, he continues by asking you to dinner. In your mind you think, “I would never go to dinner with this sleazebag, especially since he will probably be paying with mommy’s money.”

Now, I do not know how it is that these are typically the only type of men that tend to pursue young women like myself. Somehow these men have this confidence that tells them they will get a woman half their age interested in them by being a disgusting creep.

There is definitely a shortage of decent, non-slimy men who actually approach a woman they are interested in these days.

Perhaps intimidation is the cause of decent men not pursuing many women.

Since it is the 21st century, and since many acceptable men do not typically ask women out for possible fear of being rejected or perhaps fear of being labeled as sleazy, it is time for women to step up to the plate and deal with the pressures of being the dating initiator.

For many women, even after the feminist movement, we are still raised as traditionalists, where we expect the man to pursue us. However, as women, we fight for equality to men; therefore, we should be equal in the dating sense as well.

Surprisingly, men actually respond well to being asked out. It is something that many men do not expect, and rejection rates seem to be lower compared to men asking women out.

Sometimes it takes a woman dealing with one too many slimeball men to put them over the edge and into the dating driver’s seat.

But keep in mind, it is often more comfortable driving.

He said

For quite some time now, it seems to me as if the traditional forms of courtship have come close to becoming extinct.

Gone are the days where a man would respectfully approach the parents of a young lady, and let them know of his interest in their daughter. Even worse, gone are the days where a man even alerts a woman of his interest in her. Instead, men run and hide with their feelings.

Look out ladies, equal opportunity is right around the corner. Well, not completely, but at least in the love department.

It is time that females move into the driver’s seat of their next relationship. And although this idea already exists and is in practice, it remains a novelty until it becomes more common.

I am afraid my male counterparts have done a miserable job of keeping with the pace of asking women out. People do not have the confidence to act on their feelings.

It saddens me to think of the number of potential relationships missed out on, simply because a man is afraid to take the initiative.

Is no one else disturbed by the thought of a beautiful young woman relying on a male to dictate her romance?

Recently, women have done a pretty good job of voicing their opinions. But they just don’t cut it in the love department. They need to step up, and take action.

All too often, I hear female friends of mine speak of crushes on certain individuals, and unfortunately, they let them slip away without ever confessing their feelings.

There is nothing wrong with a girl telling a guy that she thinks he is nice, or cute.

As a matter of fact, I feel women can lead the way by reintroducing the polite and correct way to show interest.

I have a hard time picturing a female reciting lame pick-up lines.