Think for yourself, question authority


CSUN Matadors,

Students may think the government is fine and working for their best interests. THIS IS SARCASM: You do not have to find the motivation to work to change anything because we have the new messiah, the man with the plan, Barack “Yes We Can” Obama. I have complete faith in President Obama to do everything that is within his current stockbroker’s power to try to reverse this current situation. However, the real power to control money needs to be within the hands of the people, not the bankers. All politicians in the U.S., especially misguided, opportunistic bodybuilders who have risen to govern California with Conan-the-barbarian tactics, need to be put in their place. Alternatively, if you are a politician, then look in the mirror, and actually find the will, for once, to put your constituents’ interests before your pocketbook. Here is a thought, let us indict the governor, chancellor, and the state treasury for mismanagement of direct funds intended for the quality advancement of our education. If tearing down the new Valley Performing Arts Center means that the professors get their full rate of pay, then so be it. Let us take these decisions out of the hands of corrupt, slimy public officials and into the hands of the people.

President Bush was hell-bent on creating rampant global apathetic capitalism, as well as, pursuing Medieval Crusades plans, a la tactics strategized by power point against “terrorists,” to create the largest economic disaster in world history. This world is too small for both the American lifestyle and the wars in the Middle East to co-exist. So, guess what, or who, is being sacrificed? Why is the price of our education going up while the quality is being necessarily sacrificed? I thought there were think tanks paid millions to avoid illogical quagmires like that last question. Logic would dictate that if the cost of paying people to kill other people were more expensive than the cost of paying people to educate other people than you would stop killing people. However, we are obviously either blind with nationalism or the governor has cut funding to teach logic in school. Therefore, we must resist this insanity for our future’s sake. Do you want yourself, family, and/or friends to come up in a capitalist caste system, hungry, stupid, and sick with swine flu? If we do not unite, march, and bust out our bullhorns on the nation, watch how much gets fixed. Our ancestors fought hard for us not to become mindless, obedient zombies bent over to the will of a government gone awry.

This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy,

Quint Flint