‘Inkheart’ falls short of greatness


The passion for books takes a turn into fantasy land in the just released film, ‘Inkheart.” Everyone, at some point in their lives, has had a special book, one that comes to life as they read it over and over again. That’s this story, except the characters literally jump out of the book and into real life.

At first the tale of ‘Inkheart’ plays out like a knockoff of the early 1990s film ‘The Neverending Story,’ but unlike that movie the reader doesn’t go into the book ‘- the book comes out into the real world.

‘ Ironically, the film is based on the best-selling book by Cornelia Funke. It stars Brendan Fraser as Mortimer Folchart and Eliza Hope Bennett as Folchart’s pre-teen daughter Meggie. They love books, and share a real gift for bringing characters from their books to life ‘- a real person takes the character’s place. ‘Inkheart’ is a fantasy adventure that sends this father and daughter on a quest of unimaginable danger and wonderment.’

The film has a fantastic supporting cast led by Helen Mirren, and includes Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent and Andy Serkis. Each actor really embodies their character, we saw the conflicts between the written character and whom they want to be.

This was Bettany’s best performance since ‘A Knight’s Tale.’ In ‘Inkheart,’ he plays a tortured hero who longs to return home to his simple life as a fire juggler.’ ‘ ‘

The film has incredible performances, a typical plot and not overly impressive special effects; but there wasn’t a dull moment. To see a film expecting it to be great is just begging to be disappointed. I didn’t know much about the movie and found it surprisingly good. Overall, in this violence-oriented digital age, it’s nice just to sit back and slip into a magical world. I think the film will help reenergize kids to read instead of playing games. It’s an amazing, fun adventure.

The film has action, heartache, magic and a dangerous quest. What more could anyone ask of a modern-day fantasy flick. This is a must see for anyone who loves films like ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ or if you just like Brendan Fraser. But if your expecting a ‘Lord of the Rings’ classic, this isn’t for you.