Who feels like sports…train collides in CSUN’s backyard…

Alonso Tacanga

On a sad day like today with the deaths of those Metrolink passengers, it’s hard to talk about sports.  I had a scare when I thought a loved one was there, fortunately it was just that, a scare. But for many people around, it’s more than just a scare, it’s sad reality. The world of sports is a way of entertainment. Us sports fanatics many times get so emotional, crazy, irrational; all due to the outcome of a sporting event. Just two days ago, I couldn’t have lived a more ecstatic sports moment as my country’s national soccer team scored a last-second goal on Argentina to tie the score. Today, it seems unimportant.

The show must go on, but it just puts everything in perspective.

The women’s soccer team is no longer perfect. They lost today. The men’s team also lost, and with it, it had its three-game winning streak snapped.