Downtown L.A. protest focuses on community building, bringing about change at an individual level

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Around 100 people showed up in front of Los Angeles City Hall in support of Black Lives Matter on Thursday.

As they chanted, “Racism is over,” protestors set up art that called for unity and love on the steps of City Hall.

Following the chants, demonstrators observed a moment of silence for those who have died, including George Floyd, due to police brutality and racial injustices.

Humna Khan, a local protestor, explained how the movement resonates with her and the importance of the protests to push for policy change.

“It’s not so much of the protest as it was. It’s peaceful and it’s really going to end with policy change. That’s the expectation right now,” Khan stated. “I would encourage people to come out … the media has been really falsifying the way protests are working here.”

As the temperature increased, protesters gathered under the shade in Circle Park, located beside the City Hall. They formed a circle and shared their names and passions in an effort to build unity amongst the group.