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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Leaders and liberties

Dear Bullfighters,

American society is a mass of adult babies who want the future to spoon-feed them, coddle them, rock them to sleep, and pay their bills. It is time to wake up, children, take out the pacifier, climb out of the crib, rip off the diaper, fling its fecal contents right into the unblinking eye of this blatant façade of a properly functioning educational system, and give it pinkeye.

Soon, in The Game of Life, along the highway during the college years, will have a square that says, “Get robbed blind by well-dressed academic thieves.” After landing in that square, everyone is still in debt at the end of the game. Just like at the end of the highway in that tedious game, when a CSUN student is graduating, where they get to toss their cap off in glee, they will have to stop and ask themselves: After this game, has anything in life actually changed? Maybe CSUN graduates should keep their caps for those cold days standing in line with the 1,000 other applicants applying for one job.

Alternatively, if the degree does not get a CSUN graduate enough pocket money to make it by in the future, remember, there is always something within everyone that the government gladly pays to collect and use: blood plasma.

Jokes aside, the students have power in leadership, expression, and unity, but something about the current grim reality is making CSUN hesitant to act. The feeling is in the air, but the distraction is so much more enticing to remain comfortably numb from the events happening around and to this school.

This epidemic probably far surpasses this campus into a generational and societal outbreak. Apathy is not a cure. In fact, indifference is a far worse punishment for everyone’s future than violent, aggressive reaction or simple civil disobedience.

The solution is for students to become the leaders of their respective schools, organize awareness groups, and plan peaceful demonstrations. Sit-ins are great because protesting can be combined with homework. No one says anybody has to actively do anything besides sit in the dean’s office and get him or her to notice. Plan shifts, make T-shirts and posters, and bring sleeping bags … it could be a long night for the most adamant students. Faculty may even join the efforts.

Is CSUN a civil, obedient, law-abiding student body? Does anyone else feel like the students are on a factory line treadmill slowly moving toward the final educational furnace known as graduation? If it seems that certain freedoms are being denied within the bureaucracy of the school, it’s true. Many who turn to the university for new avenues of success are being blocked. If finding a major has been too difficult, consider a liberal studies degree, because there is no fast track to graduation if a student is undeclared.

New students know that achieving a manageable timetable to experience the full collegiate experience and graduate in comfort is, or will be, a lofty mirage. Super-seniors, now in their scholastic golden years, are not receiving a senior discount at the Sierra Center buffet, let alone finding graduation easy. This university should put the cliché, “it’s my way or the highway,” as the first sentence of their mission statement because that is, literally, CSUN’s encompassing reality.

Viva La Matador,
Quint “Effing” Flint
Disclaimer:  Quint Flint is an actual student at CSUN, who wishes to remain anonymous.  Look to your left, right and behind you.  Anyone can be Quint Flint.

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