How to Rock Booty Shorts at Your Next Rave


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This just in the rave scene is back, babe. We all missed her. We all cried over the announcements that our favorite shows and festivals were canceled considering the COVID crisis. But she is back and hotter (and safer) than ever. So match her energy by matching her in a fresh new rave outfit, and spice things up with some booty shorts.

Who Can Rock Booty Shorts?

Anyone and everyone can. Long gone are the days where we acted like only people with certain body types could wear teeny tiny shorts. They are officially for all the people! No matter your shape or size, or gender, if you want to wear booty shorts, put them on your body. Now that we have got that covered let’s move on to how one can accomplish an outfit designed around this party staple of clothing.

What Kind of Booty Shorts Do I Want to Rock?

There are multiple different styles, colors, patterns, and materials to pick from, so start by deciding what kind you want to go in the first place.

The Fit

What kind of cut are you looking for on these booty shorts? High-waisted is always a solid choice, but some cute hipsters and even booty shorts with suspenders are already attached. Also, think about just how much booty you want to show. Styles range from cheeky to cheekier, so consider what’s right for your booty.

The Fabric

When you think of booty shorts, your mind might go straight to shiny spandex, but there are all sorts of different fabrics to pick from. If you are more of the flashy type, go for something shiny with sequins or glitter. If you are a Lil classy when you’re partying, try some nice velvet ones. Or, if you are looking for something racy and bold, you can buy booty shorts that are mesh.

Color and Patterns

You can have even more fun with the colors of your shorts. If you like playing with bright, solid colors, go for that. If you want to embrace your inner hippie, a pair of tie-dye shorts are perfect for you. Or, if you are more of a wild child, you can try styles featuring a snakeskin, cheetah, or zebra print.

What to Wear Them With

Now that you have picked out the perfect shorts, it’s time to plan the rest of your rave outfit. A few considerations first: where are you wearing this to? A drive-in rave? A pod rave? Or are you joining a virtual, online rave from your backyard? The weather and setting will help you decide what the rest of your outfit will be.


Long sleeves, short, or spaghetti straps? A long crop top with bell sleeves can add some flow to your fit. Even a crop tee can create a more chill, casual look. For something zestier, a crisscross halter crop top can be edgy and add to the party vibes.

Tights, Knee-Highs, and Thigh-Highs

With all that extra leg showing, you can also show off some cool legwear. Fishnets, different patterned tights, and brightly colored knee-highs can all work great in combination with your new booty shorts. Or mix and match. Thigh-high fishnets, anyone?


There is not a single shoe style that doesn’t go well with booty shorts, and that’s just physics. But if there is an incredible, flashy pair of knee-high platforms, you can let them be the star of the show with a simple pair of shorts. Plus, the added benefit of legs for days.

Whether you dress them up or down, it does not matter much what you wear with them if you put on the booty shorts.

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