How SSAT Test Prep Can Help You


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If you’re looking to get into a private school, you’ll likely be asked to take one of two tests: the SSAT or the ISEE. We recommend you take both, as both tests are similar in structure and you can never afford to have too much practice. But whether you’re studying for the SSAT independently or in conjunction with studies for the ISEE, a tutor can make the difference between a simple pass and superstar success. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when looking for a tutor to help you ace the entrance exams for your preferred private schools.

Good Matchmaking Skills

Every student learns differently, and the most brilliant tutor in the world might not do you much good if your styles don’t mesh. It’s crucial to find a tutor who’s keyed into your ideal learning style and who can build a curriculum that’s catered to the way your mind works. That’s something LA Tutors understands.

Their questionnaires are designed to match students to their peers perfectly, and the flexibility of online sessions means that you aren’t stuck relying on whatever tutors happen to be in or around your neighborhood. Look for companies that offer this sort of assurance. Otherwise, you may end up railroaded with a tutor who doesn’t get you.

A Solid Reputation

If a company is good at what they do, you should generally expect there to be some evidence to back that up. Check credentials, dig into reviews, and don’t be afraid to hunt for raw statistics on a tutoring company’s successes. Many companies are data-oriented and can quantify their success rates in rather specific terms. For instance, LA Tutors boasts that they can improve an SAT score by 150 points or an ACT score by 4 points on average.

Numbers can be massaged, so it’s good to have plenty of information that’s both anecdotal and unbiased. Investing in the wrong tutor isn’t about just losing money; it’s about losing time. The number of times a student can take the SSAT. The number varies depending on your grade level, but each chance to take the real test is an important one that should be treated with plenty of careful studying in preparation.

A Satisfaction Guarantee

Plenty of businesses offer the moon, but few are willing to put their money where their mouth is. LA Tutors ranks among the tutoring companies that do. They offer two separate guarantees for their students. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your initial tutor, you can be compensated for the session’s price and be matched with another tutor. And if a student doesn’t see an improvement in their SSAT results throughout their time studying, students may also be eligible for a full refund. These types of promises allow you to reduce your risk, just as long as you’ve done your research and now that the company is a name you can trust.

Keeping Yourself Balanced

No matter what your dream school is or how much you study, staying happy and healthy is the most important thing of all. An excellent tutor will help you understand that. It’s about more than just cramming a bunch of information into your brain. Tutoring is about helping you understand how your brain works and nurturing learning that’s catered specifically to you. A good tutoring company will realize that. Make sure that you make these sorts of considerations a high priority when evaluating SSAT test prep tutors.

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