The Best Castor Oil to Use for Hair Growth


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Hair loss is a common condition that many people experience today. Affecting both men and women, the condition – also known as alopecia areata occurs when one’s hair begins to fall in small patches. While it can go unnoticed, severe hair loss may cause a loss of confidence in many situations.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost in the world of hair addressing hair loss. With products such as hair growth shampoos and the use of castor oil to promote hair growth, many people who have previously experienced hair loss are now loving their new-found confidence.

For first-time users of castor oil, it could be challenging to decide which is the best castor oil for hair growth.

How to find the best castor oil for hair growth?

Naturally derived from castor beans, castor oil is beneficial for hair growth for numerous reasons. Aside from being rich in fatty acids to help reduce scalp inflammation, the use of castor oil can also soothe scalp itchiness and encourage hair growth. While it cannot completely stop hair loss, it can slow down the process with frequent use.

But with the many selections of castor oils in the market, how will you know how to find the best castor oil for hair growth? Well, here are some great tips to help you identify the best castor oils in the market:

Pick only naturally derived castor oils.

Many products may claim to contain castor oils but can also include other ingredients that can weigh down your hair and scalp. While this may not necessarily mean it’s terrible for your hair, overuse of products with chemicals can cause damages to your scalp. This results in more hair loss as opposed to helping you resolve your hair woes.

Therefore, when picking out the best castor oil for hair growth, you’ll want to ensure the product contains only naturally derived castor oils with fewer additional ingredients as possible.

Select paraben and sulfate-free products

Paraben and sulfate are common chemicals in a variety of hair care products. Unfortunately, the excessive use of sulfate can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing your scalp to dry out and become sensitive and itchy. As such, you’ll want to ensure that the castor oil you’ll be using is free from paraben and sulfate.

Get cold-pressed castor oils of better grades.

Cold-pressed castor oils are one of the most common ways to obtain castor oils naturally. It allegedly produces better-graded castor oils for better hair growth, thus making it the ideal selection if you’re in the market for castor oils that promote healthier hair. You can easily identity cold-pressed castor oils from their pale-yellow hue.

How to use castor oil for hair growth

Besides getting the best castor oil, you’ll want to ensure you apply it to your head the correct way. This ensures that you will be using the castor oil to its best qualities, especially if you’re looking to combat hair loss.

It’s often recommended to apply castor oil on your hair between once to twice a week, massaging deep into your scalp for better results. You’ll have to leave the oil on for a minimum of one hour each time or sleep it in if you’re comfortable. Be sure to rinse out the oil with your regular shampoo and condition your hair after.


As you can see, identifying the best castor oil to use for hair growth doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s even recommended that you try out different products to ensure it’s suitable for your scalp type. If you’re even feeling unsure, a great way to begin using castor oil for hair growth is to speak to your hairstylist so they can recommend the best product for you.

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