3 Pro Tips to Help Your Cut Roses Last Longer

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Roses are the epitome of romance. The red rose symbolizes love in many cultures. It is a simple and elegant way of expressing your feelings for your loved one. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give roses. However, these beautiful rose bouquets often wilt before the end of the month or even a week. Are roses worth it?

Fortunately, there are several tricks and tips to help you make your roses last longer. If you want to invest a bit more for value, you can purchase select roses that can last a year. If you are dealing with regular roses, the following methods can help them stay fresh.

Prepare Your Roses for Long Life

Many home remedies can make your roses look as beautiful by Friday as they did last Saturday when you received them. To make these solutions work better, first make sure you trim the stems. Two or three inches should be taken from the bottom with garden shears. Cut at an angle.

Take off any leaves that grow under the water level because they can attract bacteria. Remove some of the outer petals so the rose can open up more quickly. Add the roses to lukewarm water and add some flower food. Change the water every few days to keep it fresh.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar

Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar to your vase of water. Stir thoroughly. Sugar is like plant food, and vinegar eliminates bacteria that can make flowers wilt prematurely.

2. Put It in the Fridge

Let your roses spend the night in the fridge. Before going to bed, simply put the vase full of roses in the refrigerator. The cold helps slow the aging. This was rated as the best method for keeping roses fresh.

3. Soda

Soda has two advantages. The sugar in the soda is like plant food, and it also has antibacterial properties. After the fridge method, soda was the second best method for keeping roses fresh.

Roses that Last a Year

These home remedies can help roses last for a week or even ten days rather than just a few days. However, for maximum rose resilience, try Venus et Fleur roses that can last as long as a year. The incredible staying power of these roses is remarkable, especially since they require no additional maintenance.

A Rose is a Rose

Roses are such beautiful flowers and are so rich in meaning that it is a shame if they wilt after a few days. The following tips will help your roses last at least a week or a bit longer. However, if you want roses that are more than a passing fancy, order some long-lasting roses from Venus et Fleur.

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