A Bath Bomb For Every Mood


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Long, luxurious baths are a treat, but those who indulge can make them more fun and spirit with new, creative products that add a sense of childlike giddiness to those soaks. There are new ways to enhance the mood with the scents and colors of favorite things, from ice cream to pies.

The Bath bomb has come a long way from the round, sandy concoctions sold in the past. They are unique with “flavors” like orange creamsicle heart, pineapple cupcake, and Keylime pie.

There are plenty of other scents and types of these bath balls in the round form that help de-stress, find peace or renew energy.

Do These Types of Products Do Anything?

Bath essentials such as these products have both a positive psychological effect as well as a physical effect. The scents from the essential oils do act as a positive for relaxation and help to relieve stress. However, these products have a material impact too, including:

  • Leaves skin softer
  • Soothes irritated skin, as long as you aren’t allergic to the product.
  • It helps to cleanse the skin.
  • It helps skin look fresher, glowing.

Bath products such as these add softeners and emollients to the water, so they can be beneficial in areas where water quality is less than perfect for exquisite bath times.

Pick the Scent to Suit Your Mood

Every herb and scent can put you into a specific mood or reduce feeling negative. Here is a guideline of some of the most popular selections to pick the right bomb to suit your needs.


Lavender is an antidepressant, and science has shown that using lavender as an aroma improved a depressive mood in most healthy people. It also promotes calmness, reduces stress and anxiety, and has been known to relieve mild pain.


Orange is another scent scientists associated with calmness, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. All citrus smells can improve moods and ease nervous tension. This was proven in a Brazillian research study in 2013 where those taking a challenging test found that sniffing oranges beforehand helped them relax.


Along with reducing stress, lemon scents are also known to be a stimulant or activating odor. This can make you feel more energized and can lift moods. Physically, lemon can raise the heart rate, help think more clearly, and even produce more positive emotions and memories.


One of the best things about peppermint is that its smell has been known scientifically to improve cognitive function. Science has shown that peppermint increases alertness and memory as well as decreasing anxiety and tiredness. Mixing it with other scents, like citrus scents, can produce a well-rounded feeling of calm, clearer thinking, and a brighter mood.


Sandalwood, a subtle substance, is an exciting scent because it works through skin absorption and smell. Once absorbed, sandalwood transmits messages to the limbic system to your brain that controls emotions. These messages affect both physiological and emotional responses.


Vanilla was the subject of a 2004 scientific study where researchers had participants sniff vanilla beans. The results were those who did it had a rise in feelings of relaxation and joy. Mood mapping recorded the various emotions beforehand and after, with prior emotions ranging from happiness to irritation.

A German study at Tubingen University shows the vanilla scent reduced the startle reflex in both animals and humans.

The right bomb can change your mood! Whether these are for yourself or someone else, these essential bath products will turn time in the tub into an authentic getaway experience.

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