Show Trans Pride With a Gorgeous Flag 


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Everybody knows the now-famous gay pride flag. It is a beautiful rainbow that represents the diversity, uniqueness, and color of the LGBTQ+ community. However, although it is a fantastic flag, it does not fully represent everyone in the LGBTQ+ community!

You may not know, but there is a flag specifically for trans pride as well. This is important, as trans people are currently in need of representation as much, if not more than most, as they lack it.

So how can you help? Well, getting a trans pride flag would be great for starters! It will not only look fantastic on a bedroom or living room wall but will also show the world that being trans is okay, and you and others should support trans people in any way you can.

What does being Transgender mean?

Being transgender can mean many things, as “transgender” is a bit of an umbrella term covering a few different identities. It includes those who have transitioned from one gender to another, non-conforming, or any gender outside of the gender binary.
It is basically for anyone whose gender does not conform to what they were assigned at birth. Here are a handy list of a few (but not all) types of people who fall under the transgender identity!

  • Trans women. These are women who were assigned male at birth and transitioned, either physically or not, later in life.
  • Trans men. These are men who were assigned female at birth and transitioned, either physically or not, later in life.
  • Non-binary. They do not conform to the gender binary of man or woman, but something outside of that.
  • Genderfluid. These are people that can identify as different genders over time.
  • Anyone who has experienced or is experiencing gender dysphoria

This is in no way a complete definition or list but is meant to give you (if you’re cis, a.k.a. comfortable with how you were assigned at birth) a general idea of what kinds of people this flag represents. And why it’s essential to support them!

The Trans Pride Flag

The trans pride flag looks similar to the gay pride flag in that it is horizontal stripes of color. However, it differs in a couple of ways.

• It has only five stripes instead of six.
• It has only three colors instead of six.
• It starts with a pale blue on the top, then pink, then white. Another pink follows this, and then another blue of the same hue as the last.
• These represent the classic colors used for men (blue) and women (pink), with a white bar in the middle for those in-transition or identify anywhere outside of the gender binary.

So grab a trans pride flag today! It is crucial to support people who identify as transgender in any way in this challenging time. More representation and support will allow transgender people to survive and thrive in our society. It is not enough to simply stay silent. Active and consistent support is far more helpful and effective for helping transgender people exist in our community.

A trans pride flag could be the first step in the process of learning about and helping trans people, as well as contributing to your personal growth. It also usually goes to a good cause, as most are made for charities rather than profit. So what are you waiting for? Show your support and buy a trans pride flag today!

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