Find the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone


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It is a fact that for anything to be successful, it must start with a solid foundation. When it comes to planning a make-up look, this is also true. If you do not have the correct foundation for your skin, it can diminish and, at times, ruin the whole make-up look. Having the right shade of foundation for your skin tone must have your skin look its best.

To find the perfect foundation for your skin tone, you first have to find your under and overtones. This is necessary for finding the correct match. If you match only one of these and not the other, it can cause you to appear very sickly and off-colored. Your overtone is on a scale of how pale to dark your skin tone is. When finding your undertone, it is whether or not your skin tone is cool or warm.

Discover Your Skin’s Undertone

There are three different categories when it comes to undertone. You will be classified as having a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. A popular way to determine your undertone is the white paper test. To perform this test, you will need a piece of white paper, a mirror, and some bright natural light.

When you are ready to perform the white paper test, look in the mirror and place the white piece of paper beside your face. If your face appears to look red or pink in contrast to the white paper, then you have a cool undertone. If your face seems yellow next to the white piece of paper, you have a warm undertone. If you see both yellow and red or no change at all, you have a neutral undertone.

Discover Your Skin’s Overtone

Discovering your overtone is often a more straightforward task for most make-up users. Your overtone is where your skin tone falls on the spectrum of how dark or light your skin is. These shades can range from very fair to the most profound tone. Most brands of makeup will use a scale of fair, pale, tan, and dark. Your skin’s overtone can even change depending on how much time you spend in the sun.

Testing Shades of Foundations

Once you know your overtone and undertone, you can start to choose shades of foundation to try. It is best to test the different shades of foundation on your jawline. Many people will test foundation on their hands and arms, but these can have a different overtone than your face. You will know you have found the perfect match when the foundation blends into your natural skin without leaving any sign of discoloration.

The process of finding the perfect shade will require some trial and error on your part. Just make sure always to choose foundations that match your undertone. That is easier than finding the correct overtone. You may find that you are in-between shades if this is the case. Always go with the one that is slightly lighter than your natural tone. It is much easier to use a bronzer to help darken the shad a bit if need be. You can not lighten a foundation, and it is self-evident when you use a foundation that is too dark for you.

Now that you have all the tools, you can find the perfect foundation for your skin tone. Take the time needed to discover your under and overtones and find a shade that will complement your natural skin. This will take time, but it will be worth it every morning when you are getting ready for your day, and you know that your skin will look flawless.

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