How to Achieve Fast and Long Lasting Pain Relief


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We all experience pain from time to time. Whether it’s muscle fatigue from a hard workout, aches, and pains from being up and about on the job all day, or even soreness from sitting at a desk at your office job, our muscles all get tired from the regular strain.

If you’ve been suffering through your muscle and joint soreness and everything you’ve tried doesn’t seem to cut it, you may just think you have to grin and bear it. But you don’t.

There are some very effective ways to cut down on pain quickly and in long-lasting ways. Some are even all-natural with few side-effects or long-term health complications. Here are just a few good ways to achieve fast and also long-lasting pain relief.

Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

If you’re looking for natural, immediate, and continuous pain relief, look no further than the massage gun.

If you don’t know what a massage gun is yet, no worries. These devices are fairly new on the pain relief market, but they’re definitely worth getting to know about.

A massage gun is similar to a typical handheld vibrating massager that you may use on your feet or back, but with a few key differences. Both devices operate using an electric cord or are battery-operated, small enough to be held with one of your hands while you massage, and designed to create voluntary muscle contractions to allow muscle relaxation.

Where they differ is in both how they work and what they are capable of achieving. A traditional massager that uses vibrational therapy primarily just vibrates in small waves, whereas the new massage gun device has a rubber mallet that vacillates back and forth repeatedly.

This movement ensures that the massage gun can get deeper into your muscles than the regular old massager, providing more intense and complete relief from sore or achy muscles.

Quick Results and Easy to Use

The massage gun is easy to operate; all you have to do it turn it on set an intensity or frequency level that you would like to start on, and press the rubber mallet against your skin. Some higher-end massage guns even have mobile apps that you can download to learn different exercises to use your massage gun for.

This oscillating device works comparably to a Swedish massage, offering quick, deep bursts of pressure. Plus, if you already own a massage gun, you don’t have to spend extra time scheduling a massage appointment and spending hours on the commute and appointment itself.

Relief that Lasts

Not only does the massage gun work fast, but it also provides increased stimulation to your muscle tissue and better circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen gets to your torn and achy muscles, causing them to actually heal and recover faster, making for less time stuck with pain.

Massage guns are very popular among professional athletes for this reason, as quicker recovery means less time on the bench. Even if you aren’t a pro athlete, you can still experience the benefits that a massage gun has to offer.

Heat Therapy

For tense and sore muscles, you need to soothe them and help them release. Torn muscles can mean tight muscles, and we know that awful feeling that comes from a tight muscle limiting your range of motion (think of when you wake up with a crick in your neck. Not fun.)

Heat therapy provides warmth to those damaged muscles, allowing them to relax and loosen up a bit. This can be done through a heating pad or a nice hot bath.

Fast and Long Lasting Relief, the Natural Way

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to pain relief for your muscle pain. Try something like a massage gun for relief that lasts.