Best Fast-Working Pimple Remedies

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Acne can be extremely frustrating!

Having a pimple can make you want to hide away. If you try to cover your pimple with makeup, it can become even more noticeable as your makeup dries and flakes, drawing more attention to the pimple.

A popular solution is to use a pimple patch to cover and treat your pimple. These patches can work wonders to treat the problem and to disguise the look of your pimple.

What is a pimple patch?

Pimple patches are becoming very popular in the skincare world, but what exactly are they?

A pimple patch is like a small band-aid or sticker which contains active ingredients to treat acne.

The idea is to stick the patch right on to your pimple, so that the active ingredient has a chance to penetrate deep into your skin to treat that pimple.

Sometimes if we just apply a pimple remedy as a cream or serum, we can sweat it off quickly, or it may rub off on our pillows during sleep, before it has time to work. A pimple patch sticks right on the trouble spot so that it can deliver deep, acne fighting treatment.

Another bonus of the pimple patch is that it can actually help to disguise your pimple.

You can purchase these patches in a variety of different shades to match your skin tone. Usually, you can wear these out in public and they are barely noticeable, so you can go and do your errands without feeling insecure about your pimple.

When to use a pimple patch?

Different stages of acne will require different patches, but there is a pimple patch for just about every need!

Whitehead pimple or cystic acne

Typically, if you have a whitehead or cystic acne, you will use a pimple patch that has active ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

These ingredients help to fight acne by penetrating deep into the skin and drying out any of the pus that is in the pimple.

Patches also contain soothing and calming ingredients that will help to nourish your skin, so that you won’t be left with a dry, flaky area after the pimple has been treated.

During healing

There is another type of patch that you can apply when your pimple is healing – when the area is still red, but you are no longer experiencing a big bump.

These patches, called hydrocolloid patches, are helpful to speed up the healing of the area and to make sure that you are not left with scarring.

Black heads

The only type of acne that can’t be fixed by pimple patches are black heads. Black heads are formed when oil and dirt build up in your pores. The best way to remove blackheads is to make an appointment with an esthetician who is trained to extract them safely.

Final Thoughts

If you deal with acne, you should definitely look into trying pimple patches.

They penetrate deep into your skin to help heal and can also be great for disguising your pimple. You can get them in a variety of shades to match your skin tone, or even find patches that have cute patterns on them if disguising your pimple isn’t a concern.

Make sure to add pimple patches to your skincare regimen to heal your pimples!

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