Tips on Getting Your Smoothest Skin from Home 


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Have you struggled with some bumpy, uneven skin?

Many of us have skin concerns sprouting from uneven texture. Whether whiteheads plague us, suffer from acne, or have dry patches can be frustrating to deal with.

If you’ve struggled with your skin, you’ve already spent time and money searching for the right products.

So what can you do to get smooth, soft, even Skin right from your own home?

Here are a few ways to get the smooth skin you’ve been working for.


This cannot be stated enough. If you have uneven texture, the single most important thing to do here is to moisturize.

Moisturize every single time you wash your face. If you have dry skin and don’t wash it in the morning, still moisturize then.

If you have oily skin and feel like you have enough moisture already, still moisturize. Oily, acne-prone skin often stems from overwashing. This causes your skin to overcompensate by producing too much oil.

We’re begging you. Moisturize.


Contrary to TLC’s teachings, in this case, you do want scrubs.

Please don’t do those cheap apricot ones though. They have huge granules that can cause tears in your skin. That’s not what we’re going for, here.

Instead, try something with smaller granules. You can also look for chemical exfoliants like BHA.

Take it a step further and go even more natural by making your own scrub. Use things like coffee grounds, brown sugar, honey, and yogurt.

Try Microdermabrasion

If you feel like your skin needs just a little something extra every once in a while, there’s nothing quite as effective as microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a technique that uses an electronic tool to provide light physical exfoliation, sloughing off dead skin cells.

It can do amazing things for your skin, like reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and smooth out things like acne scars. With a suction addition, it also works to clear out blackheads and whiteheads with ease.

You could go to a dermatologist for this treatment, but that process gets pricey after a few visits.

We suggest investing in a tool that can accomplish at home microdermabrasion. This allows you the freedom of giving yourself a microdermabrasion treatment whenever you would like. Plus, it costs as much as one single microdermabrasion treatment for continuous usage.

Try Retinoids

Your skin is like an onion. It has layers. Exfoliating scrubs off parts of the top layer of your skin, the oldest skin cells.

Retinoids work from the bottom up. They increase cell turnover, healing your skin from the inside out.

Retinoids you can get over the counter include adapalene, retinoid, and tretinoin. Look for creams that also contain things like vitamin C for a brighter look.

Always Use Sunscreen

We do mean always. Sunscreen isn’t just for weekends at the beach or pool days, babe. You need to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen every single day.

The reason we say this is because sun damage is the root cause of skin aging. The more time you spend in the sun, the more leathery and damaged it becomes.

Sun exposure is also guilty of causing things like dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Put on a good amount of high-quality SPF on your face daily to protect your skin from premature aging.

Smooth skin can Be Yours

You don’t have to suffer through your uneven, rough skin any longer. And you don’t have to break the bank while you do it.

You can get all of the products you need to achieve the smooth skin of your dreams right at home.

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