Exploring Barclays: So much more than coffee and tea


Briana Walden

Barclay’s Coffee & Tea owner Diego Lopez, left, prepares a drink for a customer at his cafe on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Northridge, Calif.

Nayeli De La Torres, Reporter

For many coffee-goers, the basic activity of a traditional coffee shop experience is something yearned for during a global pandemic.

Coffee shop culture goes beyond fulfilling a caffeine fix, it’s the ambiance that serves many occasions in life. A post-pandemic future may welcome locals to congregate in cafes for connections, business meetings, vibes or for the coffee, of course.

Barclays Coffee & Tea, located in the busy intersection of Tampa Avenue and Nordhoff Street, prides itself on providing the surrounding community with a local haven filled with quality coffee, tasty food, great music and good vibes.

“I treat coffee as less of a commodity and more of an experience,” said Barclays Coffee & Tea Owner, Diego Lopez.

Lopez, a 2017 CSUN graduate, spent his early years constantly climbing the corporate ladder at former job positions. Eager to find a more personally fulfilling venture, Lopez would scroll through Craigslist searching for “the new opportunity.” It wasn’t long before he found Barclays – originally established in 1973 – listed for sale on the advertisement platform. The young professional took this opportunity and purchased the coffee and tea shop by taking his first sip of entrepreneurship.

The coffee shop quickly became a local favorite after renovations and a revamped menu that included gourmet pastries, such as newly added savory breakfast and lunch items, which all accompany an array of rich authentic coffee and teas options. The business is projected to become more successful than ever before, according to Lopez’s analytics.

As you’re welcomed with the nutty aroma of brewed coffee, you may also hear the acoustics of indie-rock artist, Declan McKenna, blast through the speakers on Music Night. Lopez, a musician himself, would often invite local talent and CSUN’s jazz program students for open mic nights, where guests of the coffee shop can enjoy decadent food and drinks.

With over 40 years of experience, Barclays will continue to create an intriguing environment that flourishes creativity and self discovery for the neighborhoods it inhabits across the San Fernando Valley.

Jars of coffee and tea on display at Barclay’s Coffee & Tea in Northridge, Calif., on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. (Briana Walden)