How to Best Take Care of Your Australian Shepherd

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If you are reading this article, you either just got an Australian Shepard puppy (Congrats!), or you are thinking about getting one (You should!). Either way, you are eager to learn more about this breed and what it will take to make sure you raise it to be a happy and healthy adult.

All About the Australian Shepherd

Despite the name, the Australian Shepard was first bred in California during the 19 Century. The original breeders claimed that they were descendants of breeds used in Australia to herd sheep, and that is how the breed ended up with the name Australian Shepherd.

This breed is considered to be a medium-size dog. A full-grown male Australian Shepard may way up to 55lbs. The average life span for this breed is 12 – 15 years. This breed has a medium-length double coat. This means they will shed twice a year heavily. This breed is known for its unique coloring, and no two pups will ever have the same coat.

This breed is brilliant and loves training. They will quickly learn commands and tricks. Australian Shepards are very loyal and loving. They also have a lot of energy and need to be allowed to be active. They need a lot of attention and can sometimes be a little naughty when they are bored.

Tips to Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy


You need to plan on spending 1 – 2 hours a day letting your best buddy get all his zoomies out. He will need to play catch or go on a walk to get out all of his energy.

This is the ideal dog for a very active family. An Australian Shepard will not be happy stuck in an apartment all day.

Quality Food

Make sure that you are feeding your pet the best food you can afford. Do your research and find out who has the best product. You will not want to provide them food that is full of fillers. If you can afford organic and grain-free, that is your best bet.

Regular Trips To The Vet

If this is your first dog, you need to start doing your research to make sure you find the best vet in town. If you already have a family vet, you probably understand how important it is to take your new four-legged friend regularly so that you can maintain his good health.


Australian Sheppards have beautiful coats that will need daily brushings. You must start grooming them when they are pups to be used to the process. This means taking them to the groomer to get puppy cuts helps them learn how to behave at the grooming salon.

You need to make sure they are bathed and brushed often. They will also require you to brush their teeth for them regularly. You will also need to either trim your pup’s nails periodically or take them to the grooming salon for them to do it. If their nails get too long, it can become painful for them to walk.

Time To Raise An Amazing Australian Shepard

You now have all the info on how to raise your Australian Shepard pup to be a happy and healthy adult. Just remember to make sure they get plenty of exercise time, eat well, groom regularly, and see the vet every time they need to. This will lead to raising the perfect Australian Shepherd. Now the only thing left to do is go and enjoy those sweet puppy cuddles why your baby is still tiny.

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