Outdoor Advertising Trends In Los Angeles We Noticed In 2021


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In 2020, the pandemic resulted in many businesses drastically reducing their advertising budgets. In 2021, things are starting to trend upward again. There are a few trends that we have spotted when it comes to outdoor advertising in Los Angeles. Here are a few of them.

Brand Reinforcement

Companies are starting to ditch the idea of trying to convey a ton of information on their advertising. Instead, they are beginning for brand reinforcement. This may mean a quick glimpse of their colors, logo, and a brief highlight of what they do.

When it comes to outdoor advertising, people don’t stick around for long periods to check out advertising. They tend to skip past the advertising quickly. Companies often have just a fraction of a second to catch the attention of people.

Brand reinforcement is all about getting the name of a company stuck in somebody’s head. So, if somebody ever needs that product or service, they know exactly where they should be going.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is starting to become more and more prominent in Los Angeles. It, of course, is not going to be available in all locations. You can think of digital advertising as a small TV screen that can result in more dynamic ads being shared. These are incredibly eye-catching, and all of the powerful brands nowadays seem to be investing in digital advertising to some degree.

Hyper-Local Advertising

Some advertising has started to become hyper-local. So, instead of some businesses displaying billboards halfway across Los Angeles, they show them pretty close to their business location. Some of them will even have directions on how to find them.

This type of advertising does seem to work pretty well for companies where people may want to buy their services on an impulse. For example, tourist attractions or food establishments will use hyper-local advertising a lot. Likely, you have already spotted this advertising around. McDonald’s uses this advertising a lot worldwide because it enables them to point out where they are. You will be surprised at how many people will spot one of those ads and say, “yes, I need food now.”

This is not a type of advertising that will work for every business. The product needs to be an impulse buy sort of product.

Social Media Ads

While some companies display ads that look like social media accounts, this is not what we are talking about.

Some companies are starting to develop adverts that people want to photograph. These adverts tend to be ridiculously creative. The idea is that people love the adverts so much that they are happy to snap photographs of them. These photos will then be shared all over social media on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

One of the significant benefits of this ad is that you will find that you are advertised to more people than just in the city if you go viral.

The only downside to this type of advertising is that it will be tough to develop a creative ad.


All of these trends boil down to companies becoming more and more creative with their outdoor advertising. It is all about catching people’s attention and ensuring that as many people remember the business as possible. If you can develop a creative advertising idea, you could make vast sums of cash from your advert.

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