Looking For European Baby Formula? Many American Parents Are.

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American Parents Are Buying European Baby Formula Lately

Certain things are synonymous with the United States. Catchphrases such as “Buy American Made,” and so on.

But plenty of American parents are turning to Europe to supply their baby formula. Why? No matter which country you’re in, ordering international always takes longer. So there must be something worth the wait.

Benefits of European Baby Formula

Sure, lots of companies brag about how “organic” their product is. But it’s is a term that can be used very loosely. European formula brands are among the most genuinely organic on the market.

Organic Without The Air Quotes

The standards of the US Dept. of Agriculture for what qualifies as organic are high. But the regulations in Europe are even higher… and more strict.

For example, some baby formula that is manufactured in Germany is made from cows that are not only free of chemical treatments themselves, but they’re also forbidden from grazing in pastures where there’s a presence of hazardous chemicals on what they graze. It’s part of a practice called biodynamic agriculture.

Other European baby formulas are tailor-made for infants that struggle with allergies and acid reflux.

Plenty of Probiotics

Your gut flora is a big part of your health and your ability to digest your food. Probiotics balance the bacteria in an infant’s intestines and help them digest their food the most efficiently and comfortably. European baby formulas include some brands that manufacture formulas of probiotics in them.

Now it’s true that some American brands also have probiotics in their baby formula, but for some reason, European brands have a higher “horsepower” than American probiotics.

This is partly due to organic farming regulations, the ingredients used, and tight limitations on what can be added.

Goat’s Milk is Like Mother’s Milk

Formula based on cow’s milk isn’t always the best thing for a baby since some babies have problems digesting it. Goat’s milk contains short and medium-chain fatty acids, which means it’s simpler to digest for most babies. These acids are gentler on your baby’s digestive tract and easier to absorb.

In this age where everyone is allergic to something, goat’s milk includes fewer allergenic proteins. The industry doesn’t want you to know this, but cow’s milk is the leading cause of allergies found in infants.

One of the European baby formula makers getting high marks is Tastyganics.

They supply not only truly organic baby formula and formula for babies with special needs but also good first foods such as porridge free from pesticides and carcinogens.

Tastyganics Gets Good Feedback From American Parents

Scattered reviews about Tastyganics, which Google can garner, include compliments such as

• Fast Shipping

• Speed in Communication

• Prompt Attention to Resolving Issues

• Good Selection

• Dependable for Infants With Food Intolerance

• Attentive Customer Service

They put themselves across as a company with a natural selection that wants to make sure you get what you ordered in one piece. And the reviews solidify that positioning. Why not try your tour of European baby formula with them?

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