Get Rid of Puffiness Under Your Eyes With These 5 Tips


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You stayed up too late last night, and now you are waking up to your eyes being all puffy. What do you do? You have things that you have to do today, but you cannot be seen in public without getting rid of the puffiness under your eyes.

Help Puffy Tired Eyes to Look Like You Got a Full Night’s Sleep

It can be hard to get a total of 8 hours of sleep every night. Here are some tips to use when you wake up with eyes that are puffy and tired.

1. Use a Cold Compress

One of the best ways to calm down your puffy eyes before you start your day is to use a cold compress. You can invest in an eye mask that has a built-in ice pack. Just place it in the freezer before bed and put it on your eyes when you wake up.

While you are looking for an eye mask, you can just use a wet towel in the meantime. You will want to lay a damp cloth flat in your freezer before going to bed and use it first when you wake up to hold it under each eye.

Placing a cold compress on your undereye areas will help get everything circulating and allow the fluid to move out of your under-eye site. You should see pretty instant results with this process.

2. Invest in a Jade Roller

Another great item to add to your beauty arsenal is a jade roller. Jade rollers have been used to improve circulation and help to sculpt faces since the Ming dynasty. You will want to store your jade roller in the freezer every night.

Jade stones are known as cool stones, and they will hold the chill of the freezer for longer than other stones. When using this tool around your eyes, you will want to use the smaller roller. Place the roller up against your nose and roll from there to your temple approximately five times on each side.

3. Make Sure to Get Your “Z”s

If you are not getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, then you will likely continue to wake up every morning with baggy swollen eyes. Another thing you can do while you are sleeping to help reduce the swelling is to make sure you fall asleep with your head elevated.

Sleeping with your head elevated will allow for your sinuses to drain more naturally. This will keep fluid from building up under your eyes and will help to reduce the swelling that you have to deal with when you first wake up.

4. Beauty Products

There are several beauty products on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling under your eyes. The best outcomes will include caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic that will help to reduce swelling by helping to remove the excess fluid and will reduce eye bags. It will also stimulate blood flow and help to brighten the area under your eyes.

5. Hydrate & Hide

Ensure that you are moisturizing the area under your eyes thoroughly before you go to bed at night. Using products that contain retinol can also help but are not suggested if you have susceptible skin. You can also apply concealer to hide the dark circles.

Once you apply it to the area using a sponge to blend the concealer out gently and into the rest of your complexion. Then use a setting powder to help the concealer to look more natural and stay in place. Last, take a little highlighter and place it at both corners of the eye, and blend.

Get Your Sleep

Make sure that you are treating your sleep schedule as a priority in your life, and make sure that you invest in products that will allow you to look like you do even when you don’t. Remember, there are a few must-haves to achieve this.

Invest in a good jade roller, an under-eye product that contains caffeine, a quality concealer, and a great highlighter. When you sleep also try to keep your head elevated which will also help and reduce the swelling. If you remember this advice, you will always appear to have had plenty of sleep.

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