Where to Find Your Favorite Patriotic Merch


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The 4 th of July is the birthday of many countries. Here’s the US version: In 1776, thirteen colonies in North America declared their independence from Great Britain and became a new nation called the United States. The Declaration of Independence was signed on that day. Since then, we celebrate freedom every fourth of July.

To get you into the festive spirit, here is a list of places where you can find your favorite patriotic paraphernalia, whether these are flags from Amazon or shoes from Printed Kicks. Let the festivities begin!


If you’re on the lookout for a rare collectible item, eBay is your best bet. There are many online stores that sell their merchandise there as well, but not nearly as many sell them at competitive prices. Prices range from $1 – $500+. However, some of these items contain lead paint and should be handled with care. It would be wise to avoid handling anything painted directly onto ceramic or porcelain due to its porous nature: it can absorb lead if you wash it with chemicals (such as soap).


A great place for homemade/handcrafted goods; you can find really unique pieces here! Most of the things sold here are reasonably priced and like eBay, there are some sellers who will ship internationally. However, the shipping cost can be astronomical for certain items so it’s worth doing your research. You could also buy a handmade gift card and ask the shop to personalize it for you (make sure you mention that in advance) which would come with its own package. Or you could request that they wrap it as a present and enclose the actual box/envelope within another one.


You won’t find as many rare collectibles here but there is a good selection of souvenirs such as flags, t-shirts, mugs etc. Prices range between $1 – $50+. If you’re unfamiliar with their return policy, this is what you need to know: When you are dissatisfied with your merchandise for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund minus the cost of shipping and handling.


You won’t find high end souvenirs here but if you’re looking to purchase more practical supplies (such as picnic baskets or dishes), this would be a great place to start! Most items range between $5 – $25+. However, there is an additional fee that depends on the item’s size.

Party City

There’s not much variation in terms of patriots merch at Party City; it’s mainly decorations such as wall hangings ($10-$20+) and party kits ($6-$8). However, they do have some fun accessories. If you’re pressed for time, Party City will probably be your best bet.


Spirit Halloween has a pretty good selection of flags (made from polyester) and patriotic accessories for $0.99 ($4.99 for a pack of three). They also have more expensive items but these are more likely to be made out of wood or plastic. You can find the cheapest ones ($2 each) at Walmart’s online store. Their shipping costs depend on the purchase quantity and ship-to location(s).

Other Online Options

Sometimes, you may see things on sale at the store. Many customers have seen some cool tees at Big Lots and even though there was a sign indicating that they weren’t in stock, if you asked the cashier to check, she left for a few minutes and returned with the same item! The key is to be patient. There is also eBay but people tend to stay away from it because its interface makes it difficult to find what you are looking for; sometimes, it takes several clicks before you can find something good. Furthermore, sites like Amazon usually have better prices.

Buying online has many benefits but it’s not without risks. You need to ensure that your personal information will remain safe (think credit cards, addresses, etc) and ensure that you’re paying a reasonable price for the product. A good rule of thumb is to do an online search (on different websites) for similar products before purchasing anything.

People have run into scam artists on Craigslist who posed as sellers but never sent me my order and tried charging me additional money. Another important thing to note about purchasing items from other countries: in some instances, it’s illegal or against their policy to ship certain things overseas so make sure you look into local laws before doing business with any seller.

To conclude, the best patriotic gifts are the ones that show you take the time to find out what they like and get them something they will really enjoy. While it may seem daunting, there are actually a number of places where you can easily find items without breaking your bank.

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