5 Fun Video Call Activities for Connecting with Distant Friends


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Whether you met some amazing people online, have moved out of your hometown, or are simply locked indoors due to lockdown restrictions, video calls are a great way to catch up with people you can’t go see in person. Texting and phone calls can also be useful, but nothing beats being able to see your friends smile and look them in the eyes, even if it is through a screen. The trouble is: you can only talk so long in a video call before things start getting boring and awkward. It just doesn’t feel as natural as hanging out with someone in person.

One way to get around that awkwardness is to set aside some fun activities you can try during video calls. Here are some ideas that might work.

1 – Play some board games

Trivia games and board games in general, might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to video calls, but many board games can be played perfectly well through online means. The trivia game Boom Again, for example, has even gone as far as to release an adapted set of rules to make playing their game through video calls easier. Boom Again is a trivia game focused on 1950s trivia, as well as trivia related to the 60s and 70s — a game made by boomers, for boomers.

Why choose board games over a digital solution? Video games can work in video calls too, of course. Just make the call on your phone and play with a friend from your computer or console. But board games have the advantage of being more inclusive — they are often made for all ages and have the advantage of requiring no technical knowledge or expensive hardware to be enjoyed. Which makes them a great way to spend more time on a video call with your older relatives, for example.

2 – Watch some movies

There are plenty of apps and services that let you and several friends stream movies together at the same time. This allows all of you to put together an online watch party and enjoy the movie in sync, which can be a ton of fun.

3 – Cook together

Does one of your friends have an amazing recipe you always wanted to learn? Well, video calls can be a great opportunity for that. Get your friend to send you a shopping list, then you can both get together online and cook together, watching each other’s progress and learning along the way.

4 – Try some outfits

If you are the fashion-oriented type, video calls with friends can be a great way to get a friendly opinion on different looks and outfits. Or if you don’t take fashion that seriously, you can both just get on camera and goof around with wacky outfits. Both options will be sure to keep the boredom away as you both move around and talk about everything and anything.

5 – Classic games

Many of the cool games that work in bars and family reunions can also be played effectively through video class. This includes some cultural staples like 20 questions, Pictionary, truth or dare, charades, and more. Most of these work better if there are more than two people involved, but even if it’s just you and another person, it can work as a good way to bond and pass the time.

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