Felt and Fat Presents 4 Strategies to Schedule Your Time and Maximize Your Productivity


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Good time management is the key to meeting your goals. However, as the creative team at Felt and Fat knows, that can be a challenge. Anyone with a busy, constantly changing schedule can attest to this!

Still, anything is possible with some effort and creativity. Sometimes, this means stepping back to consider your options. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the ways that you are managing your calendar. The Felt and Fat team has four suggestions to help you maximize your productivity.

Prioritize Your Tasks

You can’t get everything done in a single day. Without setting priorities, you may find yourself focusing on the wrong tasks and not getting the important stuff done. That’s why it’s imperative to give each task on your list a priority before you make your schedule.

Of course, how you prioritize is up to you. For example, something might be of the highest priority because it’s urgent to get it back to a client or because it involves learning a new skill.

Learn to Make Time Estimates

“I got so busy working on this project that I got nothing else done today!”

If this sounds familiar to you, the problem could lie in your ability to accurately estimate time spent on a task. When you regularly over or underestimate how long something is going to take; it can throw your schedule off for days.

One way to improve your abilities in this area is to begin watching the clock simply. First, measure how long it takes you to complete your most common tasks and use that to set some benchmarks. Later, assume that completing that task will take at least as long as the average you’ve established.

Use Technology

People love technology. Even something as simple as Google calendar allows you to create to-do lists, send reminders for yourself, create recurring tasks, or share calendars with coworkers and family members.

There are so many apps for scheduling events and related tasks. Find one that truly works for you. Keep in mind that working in a team environment will help if schedules and to-do lists can be coordinated. Team adoption is essential!

Tackle the Toughest Tasks in the Morning

If you can knock out your most challenging task first thing in the morning, everything after that should be pretty straightforward. So schedule your most challenging, most important task first. After that, you can prioritize essential but unpleasant things, etc.

Doing this will allow you to drill down into your priority list to identify what should get your attention early on in the day.

Final Thoughts

These scheduling techniques can be helpful for employees, leaders, freelancers, or people who are simply looking for ways to schedule their time better. Apply all of these methods or pick out a few of them to try. Then, with a few adjustments to how you handle your calendar, you can stay on top of your schedule with ease!


About Felt and Fat

Felt and Fat founder, Nate Mell, started his journey in a small studio in Philadelphia in 2014. From that small space, the company supplied famous chefs with hand-crafted tableware. Later, Nate designed the plates for an Eli Kulp concept that eventually became the award-winning ‘High Street on Market.’ This led to nationwide publicity for both companies in Food & Wine magazine.


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