A Guide to Weekend Self Care Essentials

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Self-care is everything especially when we live in a world where the crazy and stressful situations never seem to end.

Keeping ourselves healthy and well-looked after is an essential factor in our overall well-being. And a large portion of this can be achieved by enacting some self-care every week.

Self-care is defined as doing something that nurtures, heals, and honors yourself. It is a time that you take for you—and only you. The options for self-care are endless. It can range from physical activities like surfing, dancing, or yoga to checking yourself into an actual day at the spa for massages and pampering.

Regardless of the activity, you choose to do. You should always prioritize your self-care. When you do, you allow yourself time to emotionally tune in with yourself so you can feel happier and more connected. This also supports your physical wellbeing and can keep your immune system from becoming too strained from stress. Other benefits of self-care include gaining more confidence, becoming more resilient, and feeling revitalized.

There is always time for self-care, especially on the weekend. So after a long week of working, parenting, and running around doing a million and one things, it is time to spend the weekend spoiling yourself. That is why we have created the ultimate guide to a weekend of self-care and the essential items you need.

Part 1: Netflix and Chill

When you reach that Friday evening part of your week, it is the perfect time to unwind and just relax. Put on your comfiest loungewear, order your favorite takeaway meal, and put on the Netflix. There are hundreds of shows to choose from, so chances are you will find one that is perfect for helping you unwind. Try a documentary that explores the beautiful planet we live in. Or put on a chick flick that you have already seen a million times. The trick to the Netlflix and Chill self-care routine is to have an effortless evening where you can be mindless.

Part 2: Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

In addition to having a mindless Friday night just vegging out, you want to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary that you simply can’t wait to retreat to. If you are going to invest in just one quality item for your home, it should be a great bed and mattress, along with premium linen sheets that you could stay cuddled up in all night long. To really enhance the mood in your bedroom and make it feel like a sanctuary, turn on an essential oil diffuser and light some candles.

Part 3: Enjoy a Weekend Cleanse

Another way to enact self-care over the weekend is by resetting our bodies and eating right. Start the day off with  Peels CBD alongside your breakfast. Made from orange peels, this CBD will help you sharpen your mind, recovery your body, feel more rested and restore your calmness. Simply add it into your morning orange juice, probiotic vina soda or a bowl of porridge and you will get your physical wellbeing aligned for the rest of the weekend and start of the new week ahead. Continue your weekend health kick by enjoying a nutritious meal delivery that you can customize and are ready to eat. With not having to worry about cooking over the weekend, you’ll have more time to do other things that bring you joy.

 Part 4: A Yoga and Spa Day

Stretch your body out and head to a weekend yoga class. Your emotional wellbeing will benefit by being surrounded by other like-minded people and you will feel the difference once you flush all the stress of the last week out of your body. Yoga classes are a great way to take time for yourself on both a physical and emotional level. Keep the wellness day going with a spa day. You can either book into your local spa or enjoy one at home. To have a  spa day at home, get some pedi buffers, pick out your favorite nail polish colors and give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

Part 5: Glam Yourself Up for No Reason at All

A little self-love really does go a long way. Even if you have nowhere to be over the weekend, take the time to glam yourself up and make yourself feel beautiful. Try some of the best hair tips to get the natural hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of, give yourself a cat-eye and put on your sparkly black dress. If you don’t plan on going out after getting yourself all glammed up, make sure to at least snap a pic to post on your Instagram.

Part 6: Indulge in Wine and Good Music

Put down the screens, sit back and enjoy the therapy that music provides. Pull out the rolling stones vinyls collection for your record player, pour a glass of delicious red wine and sit back in the armchair. Sip away as you soak in all the classic tunes of legendary musicians. You will be surprised at how quickly the time passes—and we honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend the weekend ourselves!

Part 7: Write in Your Journal

Writing in a journal is one of the best self-care practices. You only need to commit five to ten minutes of your day and you will notice a world of difference psychologically. Start the day by writing three things you are grateful for. And end the day by writing down three emotions you are currently feeling. This gives your brain a chance to process both the good and the bad so that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed with a mosh pit of emotions.

Part 8: Don’t Set Your Alarm Clock

Sometimes all we really need is a great night’s sleep. Don’t set your alarm clock for Sunday morning if possible. Instead, let yourself snooze as much as needed and allow your body to wake up naturally. You will be amazed at the difference you feel by doing so and will likely have a great day because of it. Weekends aren’t made for rushing and a huge part of self-care is sleeping.

Part 9: Do Something Fun

Do you love to surf? Then rent a surfboard and hit the waves. Do you love to dance? Then grab those dancing shoes and hit up a salsa dance class. Do you love to read? Join a weekend book club and discuss your recent books. Do you love to take photos? Go on a hike and play around with different photography angles. Doing something fun is an absolute must for a weekend of self-care. It will allow us to go into a state of flow where we think about nothing but being in the present. And it helps us feel the joys that life brings.

We hope this guide allows you to have a great weekend of self-care. From winding down with Netflix to cleansing your body with nutritional supplements and meals, your weekends should be all about you.

Just remember to not overbook your weekend schedule and always pencil in some well-deserved “me time”. And with so many great self-care essentials that are at your disposal, it won’t be hard to make time for.

What self-care activity are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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