Your Questions About Healthcare Answered                  


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Times are weird and it is likely that you have never had more questions related to your health than right now in the midst of the global pandemic. 

But the truth is, despite Covid-19 being a threat to us all, there are plenty of other healthcare-related questions on our minds that actually have nothing to do with the pandemic. 

Health, in general, is our very essence to a great and holistic life. It is something that everyone should place the utmost importance on but is not necessarily something we give enough attention to daily. The good news though is that when it comes to our health there are always improvements we can make through learning. 

So that is why we’ve gathered up your top questions about healthcare answered, so you can learn what it takes to live a healthy and holistic life! 

1. Should I take CoQ10 and if so, how much?
There are so many different health supplements available to you, but one of the ones you should really be adding to your list is CoQ10. Technically referred to as Coenzyme Q10, this is a natural antioxidant that your mitochondria can produce and give your body a huge boost of energy. This is super important for your health because they are able to neutralize any threatening free radical cells in your body and keep you physically functioning to optimal potential. Taking CoQ10 as a supplement during your daily diet is a great way to enhance your health. And if you are wondering how much CoQ10 you should take, the best in the industry recommend 10mg is the perfect dose to take each day. This way you will have optimal mental clarity, age healthily, and have a sustainable energy level to get you through the day. 

2. How do I remove dark spots?
Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and one of the best defenses for protecting everything else. So what should you do if you notice your skin gets a dark spot? Well, first of all, don’t’ stress. It is likely a sunspot and a sign you are aging. To be sure though that it does not develop into melanoma, we recommend first seeing a doctor so they can keep an eye on it just in case. And if it is determined to be just that—a sunspot—you can correct it and remove dark spots with a dark spot formula that turns it to smooth skin. This type of product can be used on your face, hands, arms, and chest and can also boost your skin’s overall radiance. So if you want to remove dark spots in the best way possible, go for quality skincare products that are paraben, fragrance, and cruelty-free! 

3. Can I increase my testosterone levels?
This is a super common question asked amongst many men and is nothing to be ashamed of. Testosterone is super important for men to be able to build lean and strong muscle, as well as have a strong sex drive. If your testosterone levels are not where they should be natural, there is no need to stress. Taking testosterone-boosting formulas like Nugenix is a great way to gain your confidence back, enhance your energy levels and restore overall wellness in your life. We recommend sampling their formula to see the results for yourself and then bundling your order as it is something you will certainly want to integrate into your daily routine going forward.    

4. Can I get prescribed medication online?
Yes, there is a range of incredible companies who have brought their registered pharmacists and doctors online to prescribe any type of medication you need. This includes getting birth control, acne medication, skin treatments, Covid-19 testing, STD medicine, and even emergency contraception. All you have to do is go online, pick the medication you are after and then get initial guidance from medical experts. They will then be able to review your request and assess exactly what to prescribe you. They will then order your medication for you and deliver it directly to you for free, ensuring that the packaging is free so no one else knows what you’ve ordered.  Getting prescribed medicine online has never been easier, making it that much more simple to live the healthy life you want. 

5. Can you lower your blood pressure?
If you suffer from high blood pressure, the good news is that it can in fact be lowered through a few lifestyle changes. This includes changing your diet to include low-sodium options and getting more exercise. In addition to this, low blood pressure can be achieved if you can reduce the stress triggers in your life or learn to manage stress better through meditation or a self-love ritual. You can also talk to your trusted physician and come up with a plan together. You don’t have to do it alone, and you don’t have to just settle for living with the risks that come with high blood pressure. It is achievable to take control of your health and lower your blood pressure. 

6. Should I do the Keto diet?

One of the biggest nutritional fads at the moment is the Keto diet. Basically, this diet means that you have low-carb meals that are high in fat. The theory is that starving your body of carbohydrates and replacing it with fats will make your body actually burn more fat. So far, this diet has been successful short-term for many people. But the long-term achievability of eating like this is highly unlikely. So while Keto can help you get a quick boost in losing unwanted fats, you will have to make permanent lifestyle changes to keep that weight off for good. We definitely recommend talking to your doctor first before committing to this diet, as while it works for many it certainly is not something that will work and be healthy for everyone. 

7. How much alcohol is okay to drink?

Life certainly has been stressful. So it is no surprise that many of us have likely turned to have a few extra glasses of wine at night to ease the stress. But how much is too much? Well, the answer is actually not a straightforward one. It really depends on your body type specifically, as alcohol can linger in the body for various amounts of time depending on our normal diets, exercise levels, and body type. Some people can absorb a whole bottle of wine and feel nothing. Others have half a glass and feel like they may fall off their chair. Our golden rule on this one is to have everything in moderation. Be like the Parisians and enjoy life, just don’t overdo it. And of course, be careful that alcohol does not become a permanent coping mechanism for you. 

Being curious about your health is the best platform to actually living a healthier life. The world we live in today has made it easy to achieve a healthier life by being able to order medicine online, having access to quality supplements and formulas, reversing any flaws we don’t want on our skin, and having access to a range of nutritional foods to keep us fueled. What will your health goal be going into the end of 2021? 


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