Want to be more connected to the CSUN community? Here’s how you can with campus clubs and organizations.

Elizabeth Dowell, Reporter

Walking along the paved pathways, CSUN students are engaged and ready to become part of a team and campus tradition. “Meet the Clubs” is an event that happens at the beginning of every fall and spring semester, and is put together by the Matador Involvement Center’s clubs and organizations team.

It’s a day to meet all of the clubs on campus and become part of a group that will help propel you into college success for today and into the future.

Since the pandemic, things have changed slightly. Meeting the clubs isn’t a walk in the park, but a Zoom call away.

CSUN has 263 active clubs and organizations that are created and run by fellow CSUN students. These clubs are designed and geared toward helping students develop leadership skills, teamwork, while learning, growing and having fun together. CSUN takes pride in helping students’ club experience become a memorable and meaningful experience that will go beyond their college journey.

Paige Hajiloo is a student assistant for the clubs and organizations team. She has been with the team for almost 10 months and plans all of the events, such as “Meet the Clubs.”

“‘Meet the Clubs’ event gives many students the opportunity to meet with the different clubs and organizations, as students get to know each club and their members. There is a club for every student that fits their interest and desires,” Hajiloo said.

Hajiloo said that although the pandemic has taken a toll on student involvement at CSUN, many students are able to join a club that fits their interest through Zoom.

“It is so wonderful that whether you are at home or on campus, you can be in your club meeting,” Hajiloo said.

Clubs are the cornerstone for campus life and connecting with each other while building your own personal identity and reaching your goals beyond the classroom. Joining a club at CSUN not only helps students partake in their interests, but also serves as an outlet for them to grow in different capacities.

Hajiloo said that joining a club is a way for students to get involved on campus, discover their passions and develop their leadership skills.

Many clubs host guest speakers to give motivational speeches, which brings insight and inspiration to the clubs’ purpose. Other fun activities include game nights, coffee talks, and showcases of club members’ talents and interest through different club projects. Club activities are a fun way to get involved and get to know different club members.

In addition, becoming a club member has helped many students become leaders on campus and within their community.

“I’ve become a more confident speaker and have learned to take initiative. Along with this, I’ve gotten better at delegating tasks,” said Almaas Jalal, a current member of the Muslim Student Association. “Our members build on skills being part of committees such as media, events, dawah (tabling and spiritual related matters), and web development.”

If you’d like to join a club,visit the club directory on the MataSync page.