Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

September 20, 2021

Wide-ranging pandemics of infectious disease substantially augment mortality, but they also result in significant social, economic and political turmoil.

From the Black plague of the 19th century to the Spanish Flu of 1918, the repercussions of pandemics have altered how societies operate. Although pandemics are viewed as a public health issue, they also affect many other parts of society.

Despite the mass-production of the vaccines, COVID-19 is still prevalent in our community and the return to normalcy remains a conundrum we may not recognize once the pandemic is really past us.

In the second edition of The Sundial, we ponder the question of what “The New Normal” may have in store for the future of the CSUN community. We follow the economic crisis labeled as “The Great Resignation” to understand what the pandemic sparked for people ultimately leaving their job to pursue something else. (pages 6-9)

Through our photographer’s lenses, we help the audience visualize CSUN as it hosts its first weeks of in-person learning and welcomes back the campus community for the first time since the pandemic began. (Pages 8 and 9)

We also address how the pandemic worsened the housing crisis in Los Angeles and what to expect from the leading candidates of the California state’s governor recall election. (Page 4 and 5) The violent pushback from anti-maskers and vaccine deniers has stalled the fight against COVID-19. Our magazine editor, Michaella Huck, details her experience with someone who resisted wearing a mask at her former job. (page 16)

The Sundial has shifted its focus where the print production will be focused on addressing issues we face in society. We plan on using our voice to deep dive into these issues and simplify certain aspects of them in our departments.

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