Christopher Lee, Buffalo Fitness Trainer, Explains How to Counteract Sitting All Day


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It’s no surprise that sitting all day does some pretty significant damage to our bodies over time. Research has linked excessive sitting with an elevated risk of health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, among others. However, Christopher Lee, Buffalo, NY fitness trainer, has some ideas on limiting those risks and undoing the damage by doing specific exercises.

Exercises to Combat the Damage of Excessive Sitting

Excessive sitting causes tight hips and inactive glutes, hampering performance in several activities and slowing circulation. The only way to perform at your best is to make sure the glutes stay heated, and your hip flexors stay limber.

Loose hips keep your IT band loose, which can reduce knee pain. It also improves posture, alleviating neck and back pain. Here are some exercises Christopher Lee recommends for keeping your circulation moving and your hips and glutes active:

Fire Hydrants

Get down on all fours with palms flat on the floor. Legs should be hip-width apart, and arms should be shoulder-width apart. Keep a straight spine and slowly raise one leg out to the side, up as high as you comfortably can with your knee bent. Lower and repeat ten times, then switch to work the other leg.

Leg Swings

Hold on to a chair, wall, or anything else available for balance. Swing your left leg back and forth as far and as high as you comfortably can, keeping the knee straight. Repeat 20 times on that leg, then switch.

Now, swing one leg out to the side as high as is comfortable, then in front of you toward the other leg as far as it will comfortably go. Do this 20 times, then switch legs.

Couch Stretches

This exercise is a quad stretch ramped up a few levels. Place the top of one foot on the back of a sofa, and put your other leg on the floor. Start by bending forward, then slowly raise your torso until you’re straight and tall. Hold for a few minutes, then switch legs and repeat.

Grok Squats

Think of a catcher’s stance in baseball. For this exercise, squat down until your glutes are as close to your heels as possible. Then, keep heels firmly on the floor and hold for at least 30 seconds. Make sure you do a few squat sessions throughout your workday.


Lie on your side with your hips and knees bent about 45 degrees. Keep your feet together and raise the upper knee as high as possible, but don’t move your pelvis, and don’t let your lower leg move off the floor. Pause, then lower the leg. Repeat 20 times, switch sides and do 20 reps.


About Christopher Lee, Buffalo Fitness Trainer

Christopher Lee is a certified personal trainer in Buffalo, New York. He focuses on empowering clients to work toward optimal health, and his areas of expertise include functional training, weight loss, athletic performance, and science-based nutrition.

As a graduate of The State University of New York, Mr. Lee holds a BS in exercise science and uses a multi-faceted approach to help clients achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

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