How Jeremy Diamond’s Advocacy For Victims’ Rights

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Over the years, Diamond & Diamond lawyers have become champions for personal injury victims. People know them for their advocacy to give voice to those who seek justice.

Behind this continued promotion for victims’ rights is Jeremy Diamond. With him comes his vision of helping more people.

As such, Diamond & Diamond announced its US expansion this year to widen its reach. This move is the fruit of the law firm’s success over recent years.

Despite his success, Jeremy Diamond remains dedicated to helping personal injury victims. Read on to know how Diamond grew his company and strengthened his advocacy to what it is today.

Who is Jeremy Diamond?

Jeremy Diamond is the nephew of the founder of the law firm, David Diamond.

Diamond completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree from York University in 1995. He secured his Juris Doctor at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2001.

Before even earning his law degree, Diamond was already working at the firm. He served the firm in various capacities since he graduated from college.

Diamond was called to the Bar in 2008. Now, he is a member of the following legal organizations:

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Law Society of Upper Canada
  • State Bar of Florida
  • American Bar Association

In 2012, Diamond, his wife, and his brother-in-law took over in leading the law practice.

The Rise of Diamond & Diamond Law

The law firm’s willingness to be bold helped them with their aggressive expansion.

With Diamond leading the firm, the firm used innovative marketing strategies.

They first advertised on the radio, and then they later moved on to television commercials.

With more people online, Diamond deemed it smart to begin online marketing. The firm focused on SEO and Adwords to improve its visibility online.

Aside from improving the company’s marketing, Diamond sought to provide extraordinary legal services.

The firm boasts a team of experienced and skilled lawyers. They dedicate themselves to going up against insurance companies to seek justice.

Trust and communication between the team and their clients are their utmost priority. The element of trust helps the lawyers provide the legal support their clients need.

“We learned early on that people want a firm who speaks to them and not above them,” Diamond said.

Now, the law firm is handling multi-million personal injury cases with skill and poise.

The firm handled one of its first high-profile cases in 2014. The firm represented the victims of a shooting at York University.

Most recently, the firm represented the victims of the Jasper bus crash in 2020. The firm also alleged negligence against several care facilities during the CoViD-19 pandemic.

An Approachable Personal Injury Law Firm

Creating connections with clients can help businesses achieve long-term success. Law firms are no exception to this.

But, in the current business climate, many law firms seem to forgo connections. Not Diamond and Diamond Lawyers.

With Diamond at the helm, the firm does business differently than others in the industry.

At Diamond & Diamond, the lawyers bring their clients into the firm’s close-knit world. They even give out their cell phone numbers to clients, which is relatively unheard of in the personal injury industry.

“We’re a family-owned firm and it’s important that every client feels that we are a part of theirs,” Diamond noted.

In 2017, Diamond decided to expand the firm into a full-service law enterprise.

Transforming the personal injury firm to a full-service law firm was not planned. But, Diamond’s clients began to ask about other areas of law, such as real estate.

As such, Diamond decided on the expansion to address more unique client needs.

“We believe in access to justice for all our clients, and we will continue to fight for them, regardless of which type of legal service they require,” said Diamond.

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