Online Dating Sites Surge as Pandemic Continues 


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In the U.S. alone, there are 44.2 million people who engage in online dating, with dating sites raking in roughly $602 million annually. Additionally, according to Pew Research, 54 percent of Americans believe relationships that begin through online dating sites are as likely to succeed as those who meet in person.

During the pandemic, when many Americans had more time on their hands and fewer opportunities to meet people through work or adventure, online dating sites flourished. But what does all this mean for real-world people who are ready to dive back into the deep end of the dating pool? These are a few things to consider when exploring online dating sites and apps.

Types of Dating Sites

One thing is true. A dating site is appropriate for almost every dating trend, from LGBT dating apps to dating apps for people of certain religions, ages, professions, and even political affiliations. There is even a cougar dating site to help people achieve their dating goals for those interested in an age gap. Everyone is encouraged to explore their options and find online dating sites that meet their needs best.

Apps Abound

With more people turning to apps to make life easier, there’s no reason anyone needs to be tied to a computer to find the loves of their lives. Instead, look for dating sites that offer the ease and convenience of a robust application. The best apps are hidden, work flawlessly, and operate discretely. Read reviews about apps before downloading one that is disruptive during work hours or causes disharmony elsewhere.

Sites that Further Dating Goals

Different people have different goals for visiting dating sites, and there are plenty of sites that cater to various goals. From sites that offer the possibility of long-term commitments to sites that offer discrete encounters for married people, to even one-time hookup dating sites, there is something for every taste. The key is to understand the intention of both parties prior to that first meeting and to be in sync. Otherwise, these sites do not work as intended.

Paid vs. Free Dating Sites

Some dating websites charge a fee for their services. Others are ad-supported. Others make money by selling user information. Ultimately, they all receive some sort of compensation for the services they provide. Users need to understand going into things and choose the sites that best meet their comfort levels for sharing information on the world wide web or having access to their account information if paying.

Of course, there is also the adage that people get what they pay for. Thus, users who want to eliminate the “players” will often choose paid dating sites because they believe people paying for the service are more likely to take it seriously.

Dating Sites in a Post-Covid World

Since March of 2020, when the U.S. essentially shut down with the theory that 15 days would slow the spread of COVID-19, the world has changed. That includes the world of dating. People continue to be frightened of this disease, resulting in more than 4.5 million deaths globally, and 713,000 deaths in the U.S. (and counting). Sites and apps are offering more safeguards, including video chats, vaccination status updates, and more so that people can use these to reduce the risks involved in meeting in public until users are genuinely ready to do so.

There are plenty of safeguards people can use, especially now that vaccines are so widely available. However, it remains essential to pay attention to safety, above all else, when using dating sites, dating apps to meet a potential partner.

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