Why These Billboards are Taking Los Angeles by Storm 

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As the most populated city in California, it is an advertiser’s dream to be on Los Angeles billboards. 

Los Angeles has always been regarded as a city where dreams come true. It is a city that offers the magic of Disneyland to little kids. It is a city that offers aspiring actors the chance to make it big in Hollywood. It is a city with a thriving culinary scene where chefs worldwide can introduce their flavorful menus to the mst influential food critics. And it is a place that offers advertisers the chance to grow their brand awareness, launch marketing campaigns, and gets creative with how they engage with consumers. 

Not only is this city a melting pot of diverse audiences and high disposable incomes, but it is also a city that is hugely reliant on driving culture. And with Los Angeles traffic being notorious for long delays and constant traffic jams, billboards often keep many drivers entertained! 

And in addition to the crazy highway system, the billboard locations are all top-notch. Amusement parks like Universal Studios, museums like The Getty, sports areas like STAPLES Center, five different universities, and four different major airports. 

This has led to some creative billboard campaigns, with the latest trends taking the city by storm. 

To inspire you, we’ve rounded up the best billboards in the always sunny Los Angeles. 

1. The Musical Icons on Sunset Strip

One of the most iconic streets in Los Angeles is Sunset Strip, which is part of Sunset Boulevard. This area is jam-packed with the music scene—record stores, recording studios, and nightclubs. Since the 1960s, the “it” musicians always have a billboard along this strip, and it is a major goal to achieve for many up and coming artists. It all started with the Beatles having their billboard up here, and now current musical sensations like Justin Beiber get plastered on this coveted billboard spot. This billboard spot is so iconic that it is argued to be the most photographed billboard location in the world. 

2. The Stylish Billboards of Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles and money go hand in hand. This also means that some of the very best fashion designers call Rodeo Drive home. This part of Los Angeles has seen some stunning billboard campaigns to showcase the present’s latest couture and fashion styles. One of the most memorable is Marc Jacob’s ‘Daisy’ billboard, which was so pretty that it looked more like street décor than an actual advertisement! 

3. Angelyne, A Legendary Billboard

Back in the 1980s, an aspiring singer named Angelyne took a unique approach to get her name known amongst the public. She invested nearly all her marketing budget into personal billboard campaigns throughout Los Angeles. It worked so well that she quickly because a symbol for the city. While the billboards are no longer there, her legacy lives on as she proved just how impactful a billboard campaign could be. She became so well known that she even ran for governor of California at the turn of the century! 

4. The Netflix is a Joke Billboard Campaign

Netflix has always been brilliant when it comes to its use of billboards in Los Angeles. They aren’t scared to make fun of their competition, like Cable TV, by plastering their jokes on larger-than-life posters. However, they also know how to tap into the current happenings and even recently launched a “Netflix is a Joke” campaign all over the city, making locals laugh and smile at the company’s sense of humor. 

 5. The Black Lives Matter Billboards

When the protests from Black Lives Matter started happening all around the country, the city of Los Angeles took to billboards to make sure their message was heard. For months the phrase “Black Lives Matter” popped up on hundreds of billboards in every corner of the city to drive social change and get millions of people familiar and on board with the message. 

Los Angeles has always had some of the most clever billboards. And all of them receive incredibly high impressions based on just the sheer amount of people in the city. This is excellent news for you, as it means that you can find the perfect billboard targeted at your ideal audience and get your perfect message out there. 

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