The Top Benefits of Matillion 


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Being that Matillion represents itself as a robust cloud data integration platform and SaaS solution that can stay on top of the entire data integration process, you will be able to go all the way from acquisition and ingestion right into transformation.  

Matillion offers users a low-code methodology that uses the native compute power of cloud data warehouse systems to leverage the cloud environment to transform your data.  

At the moment, Matillion has two primary products, Matillion Data Loader that is only used for transporting data, and Matillion ETL, which is Matillion’s core ETL product. Both give users a high level of configuration options.  

With the basic understanding of what Matillion is now laid out, let’s dig deeper into the most significant benefits of using Matillion 

1. Purpose of Matillion 

Matillion can be summed up as data transformation for cloud data warehouses.  

You need to have the data itself, a data warehouse for it, and a way to bring that data into the cloud data warehouse and transform it to make it worthwhile for analytics.  

Matillion provides a complete data integration and transformation solution that has been constructed for the cloud and cloud data warehouses.  

For any business to effectively compete in their industry, they will need to use data to do that. With data’s constantly multiplying volume, it requires the cloud for speed and the ability to scale it.  

2. MatillionETL 

At the moment, Matillion ETL has just over 100 pre-built connectors for multiple data sources and supports Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Delta Lake, Google Bigquery, and Snowflake as destinations. 

Aside from pre-built connectors, you can create custom connectors to any REST API source system.  

3. Graphical UI 

You will be able to leverage Matillion’s graphical UI to build orchestration jobs to create complex ETL pipelines since everything is low code. tr

On top of that, you can also construct transformation jobs within Matillion by picking from more than 30 components to create complex transformation workflows with large volumes.  

4. Scheduling Jobs

Every job in Matillion can be scheduled to happen at a predetermined time or at a regular interval depending on what you need to happen.  

With Matillion, you can also establish generic jobs that can be reused across several projects. 

5. In the Cloud 

Matillion offers you the opportunity to stage data in your cloud environment, and since  

Matillion is hosted there; you will be able to send out notifications and alerts directly to Slack or email.  

6. Automation within Marillion 

After you have your jobs established and scheduled in Matillion, everything becomes automated.  

Matillion’s API prompts jobs, and its elevated flow logic takes care of the data.  

7. Custom Scripting 

With Matillion, you will be able to use custom scripting leveraging languages such as SQL, Bash, or Python for specific transformation requirements that you may come across.  

8. MatillionData Loader 

Matillion Data Loader is a free solution that Matillion provides to assist with pulling out data from your source systems and loading it into your target destination that would most likely be your data warehouse.  

Keep in mind that Matillion Data Loader is a point-to-point tool for free moving data and comes equipped with fewer features, such as you aren’t able to perform any transformations.  

Currently, Matillion Data Loader can only support about 35 connectors and doesn’t have support for Azure Synapse or Delta Lake as a destination.  

But you will find that it does support Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. Matillion Data Loader offers a simplified wizard to construct data pipelines for extracting and loading your data, but there aren’t any extra developer tools or automation capabilities available.  

Matillion is not what would be considered the industry standard data integration tool, and it is a solution that tends to put a lot of work onto your team.  

Fivetran is a modern ELT product with a dedicated transformation tool like dbt that can provide a solid basis for establishing a contemporary data stack.  

If you are utilizing ETL/ELT, then you should know that Reverse ETL is ideal for putting into your architecture to activate your data.  

Now that we have outlined the top benefits of Matillion, the main question remains, how will you use Matillion to improve your relationship with data? 

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