Best Keto Diet Pills 2022: Top Ketogenic Pill for Weight Loss


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Keto diet supplements are natural weight loss pills that are designed to help your body enter ketosis. When you successfully achieve this state, your body switches its primary source of fuel. Instead of burning the glucose provided by carbs, it begins burning ketones instead. 

Quick Look: Best Keto Diet Pills: 

1. KetoCharge – Editors choice 

2. KetoTrim  

3. Raspberry Ketone Plus

The ketogenic pills and diet supplements listed above are available direct from the manufacturer, there is a money guarantee and good level of customer service. There is no auto shipping or hidden extras. 

Your liver produces ketones naturally in response to a lack of carbs. When it does this, you are said to be in ketosis. This is the state ketogenic dieters hope to maintain. It’s associated with many benefits including losing weight.

All the best keto supplements contain exogenous ketones. These are synthetic ketones that originate in a lab but offer similar benefits to the ones your body creates.

In addition to helping you to lose weight faster, exogenous ketones can improve mental clarity and make you feel more energetic.

When you take exogenous ketones at the start of a keto diet, they may also help you avoid getting keto flu.

Keto flu is very common in the early stages of the ketogenic diet. As the name suggests, the symptoms are similar to those of normal flu. However, instead of happening in response to an infection, they occur as your body struggles to adjust to a severe reduction in carbs.

The most effective keto diet pills can help you maximize the benefits of the keto diet. Some people who lose weight using them do so without even following a keto diet plan or a low carb diet.

Unfortunately, not all keto pills are created equal and it can be very difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the duds. 

Lots of people find it challenging to find decent ketogenic pills. So, if you are facing this dilemma, you are not alone. 

We’ve reviewed all of the popular keto diet pills and found the most effective ones. Now we are going to share our findings with you. 

Based on important factors such as ingredient potency, customer reviews, and fair pricing, we have put together a list of the top ketogenic diet pills for 2022. 

The Best Keto Diet Pills for Weight Loss In 2022 

#1. KetoCharge – Best to Burn Fat and Lose Weight 


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KetoCharge is a ketogenic weight loss supplement that helps you get your body into ketosis faster than you could with diet alone. It’s a high-quality daily keto supplement developed by Wolfson Brands. The company is based in Europe and the company behind many top-rated supplement manufacturers. 

KetoCharge diet pills contain ?-Hydroxybutyrate (beta-hydroxybutyrate). Most people refer to this ingredient by its abbreviation – BHB. 

BHB is a substrate that rapidly places your body into a state of ketosis, forcing it to burn fat for energy. 

When you follow a ketogenic diet plan, the carb restrictions encourage your liver to manufacture BHB. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stick with this type of diet plan. Many people find the carb restrictions too challenging and fail to reach ketosis. 

KetoCharge side-steps the normal rules by providing superior-quality BHB that passes through the intestinal walls easily, enters the blood, and gets you into ketosis quickly by providing a jump-start. 

When your body enters ketosis, you start burning fat for fuel. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to fall out of natural ketosis than it is to enter it. KetoCharge doesn’t only make it easier to enter ketosis, it helps you maintain it too by making sure you always have plenty of BHB ketones circulating in your blood. 

KetoCharge Benefits 

  • Releases fatty acids from your stores of fat 
  • Provides a natural energy boost 
  • Improves mental clarity 
  • Helps you avoid keto flu 
  • Encourages your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs 
  • Best selling ketogenic pill 

KetoCharge is one of the best keto weight loss pills on the market. The cost per bottle is very reasonable and Wolfson Brands offers free worldwide shipping. It also offers some attractive multi-buy options that allow you to get one or even two bottles of KetoCharge free of charge. 

Regardless of the size of your order – big or small – as with all Wolfson Brands’ products, KetoCharge is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

#2 Keto Trim – Helps Your Body Burn Fat 


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Keto Trim is another one of the best keto diet pills for men and women who want to reach a state of ketosis quickly with as little fuss as possible. 

Each Keto Trim capsule provides a generous dose of goBHB salts to deliver rapid improvements in energy and mental focus and set your fat-burning capabilities into overdrive. 

Although customer reviews show many people are successfully using Keto Trim for weight loss, a lot of people appear to be more interested in its energy-providing capabilities. 

As with all the best keto supplements, Keto Trim excels in both areas and is an excellent choice whether you plan on following the Keto Diet or not. 

The company behind this product knows how difficult it is to reach a ketogenic state. It has worked hard on its BHB diet pill to make sure it makes getting there light work. 

Many of the cheaper options you may encounter online have a lot of unnecessary fillers. All that extra weight reduces potency and slows things down. 

Although Keto Trim has a few additional ingredients to aid texture and support rapid dispersal, there are no unnecessary extras. Each dose provides a generous 800 mg of goBHB. 

Keto Trim Benefits 

  • Supports optimum blood ketone levels 
  • Aids rapid transition to a keto diet 
  • Offers protection against keto flu 
  • Maximizes your energy levels without carbs 
  • Supports natural fat burning 

Customers using Keto Trim don’t only report credible levels of weight loss, they often say they feel healthier too. 

As far as the cost goes, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank. Keto Trim is very reasonably priced and the official site has a couple of special offers that allow you to get extra bottles free of charge. 

Overall, the abilities of Keto Trim and KetoCharge are more or less an even match. However, we rated KetoCharge #1 because it has a money-back guarantee and Keto Trim does not. 

Raspberry Ketone Plus  



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Even though the name suggests otherwise, Raspberry Ketone Plus is not a keto dietary supplement. Raspberry ketone is fruit phenol, not an exogenous ketone. 

However, although raspberry ketone cannot directly affect your ability to enter a state of ketosis, it can still help you lose weight. 

Raspberry ketone aids weight loss by reducing your level of hunger. It also enhances the activity of a natural fat-burning hormone called adiponectin. [source] 

Some people who are looking for good keto supplements land on the Raspberry Ketone Plus sales page and become so impressed they change their mind about ingesting exogenous ketones and buy Raspberry Ketone Plus instead. 

This is not altogether surprising. Raspberry Ketone Plus is a very good weight loss supplement that has earned many sterling customer reviews. 

In addition to Raspberry ketone, the formulation provides several other high-potency fat burners including green tea, which is one of the best natural weight loss enhancers in the world. 

In common with Raspberry ketone, green tea won’t help you to slip into ketosis but research proves its ability to boost metabolism and help you to burn more calories than is possible by diet and exercise alone. [source] 

Raspberry Ketone Plus Benefits 

  • Provides raspberry ketone and green tea 
  • Natural weight loss aid 
  • Suitable for vegans 
  • Not strictly speaking a ketogenic pill 

Using Raspberry Ketone Plus is no more expensive than using any of the top keto diet pills. It’s very fairly priced and offers excellent value for money. 

If you buy two bottles, the second one is half price and, when you buy three bottles, you get a fourth one for free. 

If you want to lose weight more efficiently, Raspberry Ketone Plus can help. However, when you begin to see your fat disappear, be aware it will be due to faster metabolism, not ketones in your blood. 

Keto BHB: A Brief Explanation 

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is one of three ketones your liver manufactures when it has insufficient carbs. It uses BHB to fuel biological and physical activity instead of glucose. 

Taking exogenous BHB ketones is a good way to get energy-boosting ketones into your blood without having to endure a diet that requires severe restrictions in carbs. 

The best BHB supplements are an equally good companion to the keto diet. In addition to helping you maintain ketosis, they can also ward off symptoms of keto flu. 

If you are a keto dieter, you don’t necessarily need the help of exogenous BHB ketones but they can help. In addition to offering protection against keto flu, they help you maintain ketosis if you accidentally eat too many carbs. 

The Best Ketogenic Diet Pills: Things to Look For 

The cyclical ketogenic diet is tremendously popular. Some people do this diet for the health benefits, others to help them to lose weight. Ketogenic supplements are an optional extra (or alternative) that have become very popular too. 

All the most effective keto diet pills contain high-quality ingredients that are easy to absorb and get to work fast. Unfortunately, just associating a diet pill with the words “keto” or “ketogenic” is enough to drum up extra sales. Many supplements that claim to be keto or keto-compliant are not keto at all. 

These supplements won’t help you get into ketosis. Nor will they protect you from keto flu and, in all probability, won’t do much to help you to lose body weight faster.  

Some of the manufacturers distributing keto diet pills make a lot of false claims. Worryingly, these claims can be surprisingly convincing. It’s very easy to be duped into buying low-grade supplements that won’t help with keto or weight loss but may make you unwell. 

If you need a good keto diet pill, you won’t do better than KetoCharge or Keto Trim. If you are willing to bend the rules, Raspberry Ketone Plus is an excellent alternative. 

However, we appreciate the fact you may want to take a look at some of the other BHB ketone alternatives. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid making any costly mistakes when choosing a ketogenic pill 

Reputable Dietary Supplements Manufacturers 

If you want to avoid future heartache (or bellyache), it’s a good idea to only buy keto pills, or any other type of supplement, from reputable manufacturers. 

Good manufacturers are very open about who they are and where they are based. Most of the effective keto pills have official websites that provide this information. These sites also function as online stores. 

By only distributing their supplements via their own sites, reputable supplement manufacturers can protect their brand integrity while also protecting you from third parties that hike up the price. 

However, many poor-quality supplements also have official websites. You still need to do your homework and stick with the industry’s top players such as Wolfson Brands. 

If you want to get keto diet pills that work, it’s also best to avoid buying via Amazon or eBay. A lot of cheap counterfeit supplements find their way onto these sites. Both companies are quick to remove such options, but it’s still easy to get stung. 

Good Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are important. We cannot stress this too strongly. In addition to revealing the things products can do, they reveal the things they do not. 

Reading customer reviews is also a good way to learn if the product you are considering has any side effects. If a lot of customers are reporting negative issues, there is a good chance you may have problems too. 

Customer reviews often reveal other important issues such as unpleasant smells or tastes. If a particular brand of keto diet pills is unusually large and hard to swallow, customer reviews can reveal this too. 

Feedback from customers may also reveal delivery delays and other customer service issues. It’s always best to avoid any brand of keto pill that has poor customer reviews. 

Easy to Buy 

Easy to buy? Aren’t all supplements easy to buy? Sorry to cause confusion, but some of the worst supplements are not easy to buy because the companies distributing them only offer free trials. 

It sounds great, doesn’t it? A free bottle of keto diet pills? Unfortunately, the “free trial” offer is one of the most prevalent diet pill scams. 

Some companies use these offers to obtain your card information. They get it by asking for a small payment to cover the shipping cost of the pills. 

However, these sites often contain well-hidden terms and conditions that state, by agreeing to a free trial, you are also agreeing to pay for the pills later and accept regular shipments in the future as well. 

The only way to avoid these charges is to cancel the auto-ship agreement within a brief space of time, often two weeks or less. Due to the fact, the terms are so well hidden, most people only become aware of the commitment when they notice fresh charges on their cards. 

In many cases, weight loss supplements that are marketed this way are very expensive. Often costing $100 or more per bottle! 

None of the best keto diet pills are distributed on the back of free trials. 

Do Keto Diet Pills Have Side Effects? 

Good keto diet pills don’t normally cause side effects. All the best ones only contain BHB ketones. These are similar to the ones your liver produces. 

However, the keto diet can and does cause side effects. Fortunately, the negative aspects of the diet generally only appear in the early stages. The body adapts quite rapidly to the availability of fewer carbs and side effects such as keto flu, moodiness, upset stomach, and diarrhea disappear.  

Of course, if you are using a poor-quality keto diet pill that contains unnecessary fillers, and/or stimulants there may be side effects. 

If you have doubts about the suitability of a certain product or are unsure if exogenous ketones are right for you, your doctor should be able to offer you tailored advice. 

How to Get the Best Results from Keto Diet Pills 

If you want to get the best results from your keto diet pills, it’s important to read and follow the usage guidelines. This sounds obvious, but a lot of people don’t. 

Good manufacturers spend a lot of time developing and testing their products. They know the best way to use their products and the most appropriate times. 

As with any other weight management supplement, you need to take the correct steps with diet and exercise. Don’t expect your keto diet pill to do it alone. 

Keto diet pills work best as part of a three-part system. 

Keto diet pills + Diet + Exercise = Weight-Loss Success 

How to Avoid Shark Tank Keto Diet Pill Scams 

We’ve already mentioned the “free trial” scam. Unfortunately, this sneaky method of obtaining your card details is not the only keto diet pill scam. 

Some manufacturers go to great lengths to make you believe their products work better than they do. They can be equally tricky when it comes to the allegations they make about their popularity. 

If you’ve already spent time looking for a fast working keto diet pill, you may have come across claims relating to Shark Tank. 

Shark Tank is a popular US TV show that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to Shark Tank investors. 

Many people are familiar with the show. Regular viewers respect the integrity and opinion of the Shark Investors. 

Not surprisingly, if people believe certain keto diet pills have already wowed the sharks, they are more likely to buy them. 

Keto diet pills have never appeared on Shark Tank but, in 2019, one entrepreneur went on the show with a ketogenic cookie. It failed to get the backing of a shark. 

If you see keto diet pills being sold alongside claims about Shark Tank, run a mile. Manufacturers that make one misleading claim may be making many more. 

When you are looking at keto diet pills, you may also see claims relating to celebrities. Although the claims may be true, unless you can find credible connections, such as pictures posted on their Instagram account or relevant videos, it may be best to assume the claims are untrue. 

One keto diet pill manufacturer began using pictures of Chrissy Teigen’s face to market its product via SnapChat. 

When a fan alerted the supermodel, she was quick to Tweet the allegation of a product connection was untrue.  

Keto Diet Pills & Weight Loss: A Look at the Research 

Some people question the connection between keto diet pills and weight loss, stating a lack of evidence to show cause and effect. 

However, there is plenty of research that shows supplements that provide exogenous ketones have value as a weight loss aid. In fact, the results of some studies suggest, good BHB supplements may raise circulating ketone levels by up to 300%. 

Although people usually get hung up on the relationship between ketones and fat burning, they may also help you to lose weight in other ways. 

Research from Oxford University suggests exogenous ketones suppress appetite.  

The researchers gave the study participants drinks containing ketone esters. Subsequent blood tests revealed the drinks elevated BHB ketone levels within 60 minutes. 

Data from the blood tests also shows an accompanying reduction in ghrelin (hunger hormone).  

The study participants reported feeling less hungry for 1 1/2 hours. 

Feeling hungry is one of the worst aspects of any weight loss diet, so BHB ketones’ ability to reduce hunger is as useful as their ability to help you burn extra fat. 

The Best Keto Diet Pills: The Bottom Line 

Keto diet pills are not the only supplement that can help you get slim and healthy but they are one of the more popular options. The quality and ability of different products can vary from brand to brand but the best working keto diet pills offer a combination of safe weight loss and an affordable price. 

As with alternative options, it’s best to use keto diet pills alongside diet and exercise. Needless to say, this type of pill works well with the keto diet but you can use the pills on their own. 

Ketogenic Pills that provide BHB ketones may be particularly useful during the early stages of the keto diet. Their ability to increase circulating ketone levels can help prevent early side effects such as ketone flu. 

Taking keto diet pills independent of the keto diet, you should notice benefits similar to those of other diet pills. 

Recommended Ketogenic Pill – KetoCharge  

Although this type of ketogenic pill is more commonly associated with fat burning, a good keto diet pill may help control hunger and boost energy to prevent diet-related fatigue. 

The best keto diet pills are more versatile than many people think.  

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